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If my life spanned over a week, I’m already on Wednesday. Where are you?

If my life spanned over a week, I’m already on Wednesday. Where are you?


If my life spanned a week, I’m already on Wednesday.

In the UK, the average life expectancy currently sits at 79.2 years for men, and 82.9 years for women. Which means, on average, we can expect to live for 30,000 days on this earth, with just 4,000 weekends to enjoy. And that’s from the very beginning of your life, so you can probably take a few off that number to calculate what you’ve actually got left!

I was recently on a training course at work which put this into even more perspective. Essentially, we can think about our life-span as a week, with some of us having a Bank Holiday Monday if we’re lucky (and that’s if you live until you’re 80). For example, if you’re under 10 years old, you’re on Monday. Between 10 and 20? You’re living in Tuesday. In your twenties? You’re on Wednesday. Aged between 30 and 39? You’re on the Thursday of your life, and so on…

Wednesday! I’m on Wednesday. Crikey. At the end of the aforementioned training day, we went around the room and had to say which part of the day we were going to take the most from, and to that, my response was:

‘I’ve just found out I’m on the Wednesday of my life and quite honestly that is a terrifying thought’.

To which a colleague of mine piped up from the corner:

‘Never mind you love, I’m having dinner on bloody Friday evening!’

Sometimes, we need things like this to remind ourselves that each and every day truly is worth making the most of, and as cheesy as it sounds, we have to make each day count and ensure that we’re spending each day how we want to be spending it, because once your time runs out, that’s it. You don’t get another go.

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Time is our most valuable commodity, because there really is only a limited source of it. If you think about it, once a day is gone, it’s gone. We’ll never get yesterday back, and so why not start investing your today in the things that make you happy and that bring you the most joy? 

It’s silly when you think about it, isn’t it? When you think about how much time we spend getting worked up about the traffic on our commute, or the train being late, or the people walking slowly on the pavement in front of us, when instead we could be thinking about the things that make us smile, singing along to our favourite playlist or spotting the cute guy with the even cuter dog walking along on the other side of the road.


How many mornings have you dragged yourself out of bed, wondering how the hell it’s only Wednesday and have proceeded to spend your whole commute to the office willing the weekend to hurry up? How many days have you got to your lunch break and just wished the day was over already so that you can get back in bed? How many days do you think you’ve wasted over time? 

Now think about this in relation to the above metaphor. If you’re on the ‘Wednesday of your life’, are you really going to will the weekend to hurry up? If you’re at ‘lunchtime’ of a particular period, are you really going to wish the rest of it was over already? Would you really feel okay by wasting any one of your days?

Thinking about this idea can be terrifying, and for me (and some of my friends!) it took a little while to sink in. However, it’s also a stark reminder of how little time we actually have.

I have since made a promise to myself that I’ll no longer spend any time doing anything that I don’t want to do. If someone invites me to an event that I don’t want to go to, I’ll politely decline and invest that time into doing something for me, instead. Never again will I resign myself to working in a job that I don’t enjoy. Never again will I let someone treat me like crap and make me feel like shit. 

Instead, I’m spending time with the people who make me feel positive and happy. I’m investing my time into projects that I care about and that I’m passionate about. I’m working at a career that I love and one that means that I love going into work every day. I’m making the most of both my mornings and my evenings, whilst ensuring that I’m looking after myself and investing time into me. I’m not letting anyone else’s opinions of me stop me from doing anything that I want.

I repeat this phrase a lot, but time really is our most valuable commodity because we only have a limited source of it. Make sure that you’re making the most of all of that you have before you end up at dinner time on Bank Holiday Monday and wish you hadn’t wasted your Wednesday evening, or had made more of your Thursday morning.


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