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25 and now what?

25 and now what?


25 and now what?

It’s a Sunday morning as I’m writing this, and I’m sat in one of my favourite coffee spots whilst the realisation that I’m 25 in 4 days time is suddenly dawning on me. Crikey. I know, I know - I can hear the chorus of ‘you’re still so young!’ chiming away in the background, but your girl is still having a slight meltdown nonetheless.

Where is my husband, high-flying career and pretty house that 12 year old me thought I’d have nailed down by now? LOL.

I’m starting to wonder if you ever get to the point when you really feel like you have your shit together… apart from when you first get your nails done or those days when you accidentally match your bra with your knickers (this may have happened to me once in my entire adult existence but we’ll throw it in anyway).


The last 12 months has been one of the biggest periods of growth for me, and despite all of the many ups and downs, I couldn’t be more grateful for some of the ways my life is completely unrecognisable to what it was this time last year.

Since I turned 24, I’ve visited Milan, Paris, Benidorm (my first press trip!), Belfast, Edinburgh, Boston and NYC. I’ve moved 250 miles back up the country to one of my favourite cities, somehow bagging myself a beautiful little haven of a flat along the way. I got a new job and I’m back working with the best people. We organised and hosted our first Girls in Work event. I’ve strengthened friendships with girls who bring so much joy into my life, and my mental health is a million times better than what it was just before I turned 24.


So, I guess 24 hasn’t actually been all that bad.

A few days ago, as part of some training at work, I watched a Ted Talk and the speaker asked everyone in the room to go home and write next years work appraisal that day, because by doing so - by writing down what you want to have achieved in 12 months time - instantly creates your goals as they will be what you truly want to have achieved.

And so when I sat down this morning to write this post, with a bit of a heavy sigh and asking myself ‘25 and now what…?’, my mind thought back to that Ted Talk and I had the idea to do the same thing: to write this post, as I would want to write it just before I turn 26.

So, what achievements and experiences do I want to be celebrating in 12 months time?

  • To have traveled lots more. We’re heading to Amsterdam in a few weeks, but I think I want to get lots more booked in. A few more city breaks are in the pipeline, and I’m currently feeling in dire need of a week on a beach somewhere, where I do nothing but read a book and swim in the sea.

  • To have vastly improve my diet/fitness. When my mental health dips, so does my diet. I well and truly fell off the health and fitness band wagon when I moved to London, and this year I’m vowing to get that love for keeping myself fit and healthy back. I started Barre in the beginning of the year, and I’ve recently re-joined the gym in order to get some cardio back into my life as well. I’m also starting to make much healthier choices when it comes to what I eat, so I hope I can keep this up and keep improving.

  • To have reached my savings goal. I’ve not set myself a massive savings goal this year, as while it’s important, I also want to make sure that I enjoy myself right now too. I have the rest of my life to save, but you never know what’s around the corner, which is why I’m making the vow to travel more, too!

  • To have significantly contributed to my new job and made a difference. I adore my job and it’s something that I really want to excel in. I’ve set myself some pretty tough professional goals this year, but I’m determined to hit every one of them.

  • To have organised and hosted a second Girls in Work event. I LOVED every part of the GIW event back in January, and both Em and I would love to do another. At the moment, our schedules are pretty hectic and we’re struggling to find the time to sit down together, but I really hope we can get a second event done before the end of the year.


So, there we go. Hopefully, if I can remember, in 12 months time I can look back over this post having done all of those things!

I’m going to start writing a lot more about this, but over the last year, I have read so many books that have completely changed my outlook on life and how I view both myself and the events that are happening around me. I was super late to the hype, but it was last year that I finally got my hands on The Secret, and it was like one of those lightbulb moments that happens when you question how you’ve never realised it all before.

I spoke a lot at the beginning of 2018 that I just wanted to be happy. But, I don’t think I really knew how to be happy. I was doing so many things, and putting myself in situations that were having a huge negative impact on my life and my happiness, and I couldn’t wake myself up to see the blindingly obvious fact that I was being my own worst enemy.

And so, finally, the last item on my list is to be truly happy. To practice gratitude every single day, and with the help of some wonderful people around me, to continue making my life as full and exciting and joyous as possible.


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