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Your future is you.

Your future is you.


Your future is you.

Without realising it, I’ve gone from being a girl who was always anxious and fearful of the future and would always opt for the ‘safe’ option, to a girl who - somehow - now takes risks and keeps doing things that terrify the sh*t out of her. Essentially, I used to quite like being in control, but now, when I sit and think ahead to what I want from 2019, it just fills me with so much excitement and happiness. I’m not scared of change, but instead I’m sat here wanting it to come and wanting to embrace it.

I’ve promised myself that 2019 is the year that I whole-heartedly focus on me. it’s the year that I focus on following my own passions and things that make me smile. That I’ll work towards my personal goals and on being that little bit more selfish.

There is no doubt that I’ve spent the last few years focusing on someone else, floundering in trying to make them happy instead of me. It’s incredible how those rose-tinted glasses fade once you get yourself out of the toxic situation that you hadn’t quite realised you were in. Towards the very end of 2018, I finally found my happy again and you can bet that this girl isn’t going to let that go without a fight.


Over Christmas (mainly on those in-between days when you don’t quite know what to do) I sat and reflected on everything that has happened, and everything that I’ve done over the last few years and it made me realise one, quite significant lesson:

Your future is you.

You are the only person that is going to be there for you. You are the only person that is in your life for the whole of your life. You are the only person that can and will drag yourself through the hard times and it’s you that will have to put yourself back together when someone, or something else breaks you.

Your future is you, so you have to put yourself first, be selfish and be your own cheerleader. Because if you don’t, who will?

You have to do what makes you happy and smile and feel all of the love and warmth in the world. You have to look after yourself and treat yourself and not be so hard on yourself when you mess up (because let’s face it, we all will).

I have set many intentions for this year, but one of them is simple: to follow what makes me happy and do more of it. I also wanted to kick-start 2019 with something that I loved with the intention to do more of it. And so, I booked a last minute train to Edinburgh at 7am on New Years Day, and took myself off to explore this beautiful city and it’s surroundings for two days. I found a lovely Air BnB a 15 minute walk from Edinburgh Waverley, I climbed hills and took myself for coffee and wandered down all of the little alleyways and took hundreds of photos. I got the train to North Queensferry and walked the Fife Coastal Walk and saw the Forth bridges and do you know what? I bloomin’ loved it. It made me so happy and I’m so glad that I did it.

So, here’s to doing more of that. More spontaneous adventures by myself instead of waiting for someone to take me with them. 2019 will be filled with love, self-care, mindfulness and gratitude - and this is me manifesting the most fabulous year into the universe.

Who’s with me?


The best way to treat yourself for £30 - an Elemis facial at Harvey Nichols.

The best way to treat yourself for £30 - an Elemis facial at Harvey Nichols.