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The power of positive affirmations and choosing to be happy again.

The power of positive affirmations and choosing to be happy again.

Milan window

The power of positive affirmations.

I initially started writing this post over 2 months ago now. The working title and idea was all about I felt so lonely. More lonely than I've ever felt and I felt completely and utterly broken. I felt like nothing would ever feel better, like I would never be able to even begin to start building myself back up again, and that I'd be stuck feeling heartbroken forever with no way out.

And now? Now I feel the happiest I've felt in 15 months. I feel happy and excited about the rest of 2018, and I can't wait to fill it with wonderful memories spending time with my closest friends, living back in my favourite city, and smashing through the goals I set myself for the rest of the year.

What changed?

milan window

My mindset changed. Suddenly, something just clicked in my head after one brilliantly lovely weekend with two of my best friends. I realised that I didn't want to feel the way I did forever... and actually, the only person that could drag myself back out of it, was me. I didn't want to spend my whole summer crying myself to sleep at night, or feeling all of the anger and hurt that I did. I wanted to feel happy and confident again, and I just wanted to feel like myself again.

I knew that I'd lost myself somewhere along the way over the last few years. I can't really pinpoint where, when or how, but I just knew that I had. This broken, teary-eyed girl that was looking back at herself in the mirror every morning, just wasn't me and I knew that I had to get the happy-Soph back somehow.


While I've always known that our minds are immensly powerful, they'll also believe anything you tell them. Wake up and think negative things, and the chances are that your day will be pretty bleak. Our thoughts often become our reality, and that is exactly what was happening to me.

I would wake up and immediately tell myself that everything was shit and that it would never get better... and unsurprisingly, it never did. Now, I feed my mind positive affirmations every day, I remind myself of all the lovely and exciting things that I have going on in my life. I remind myself that I am enough, and that just because one chapter of my life came to an end when I didn't want it to, or that certain things didn't quite work out how I'd planned, it doesn't mean the rest of my life has to be sad or a miserable mess.

I chose to get my happy-self back, to remove everything from my life that was making my sad, anxious or feel like shit, and started to focus on me. If I hadn't have made this choice just over a month ago, who knows how much worse I'd be feeling now. Of course, there are still days when I have a blip and I have a little cry, but we have to have bad days to have the good days, right?


Yes, I am one of those 'blogging types', but I'm also so much more, too.

Yes, I am one of those 'blogging types', but I'm also so much more, too.

A day at Kew Gardens.

A day at Kew Gardens.