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A little flat tour.

A little flat tour.

liverpool flat 1.jpg

A little flat tour

After a very, very long and stressful two weeks, I can finally say that I'm all moved into my new flat and I don't think I could be any happier. I finally sat down on the sofa with a cup of tea the other night, after a busy few days of cleaning, unpacking and building IKEA furniture (more on that one later...), and I looked out of the window to see the sun setting behind The Liver Building and I actually thought I was going to cry a little bit.

I'm so happy to be back. I just feel an overwhelming sense of calmness, contentedness and happiness and I can't stop smiling and I just feel like me again. And because I couldn't wait to share this with you, here's a little tour of my new flat in Liverpool that I moved into just 4 days ago... I think I've done pretty well in such a short amount of time, don't you think? 😅

liverpool flat 2.jpg
liverpool flat 7.jpg


If there's one thing that moving taught me, it's that I have way more clothes than I thought I did. In fact, I have way more of everything than I thought I did, but that's for another day of sorting! Once I'd realised that my clothes were never going to fit into the single wardrobe that came in the bedroom, one of the first things on my list to buy were some clothes rails (after a toaster and a kettle 'cause a gal always needs tea and toast). I ended up needing to buy three (the third one you'll see in a little bit), and I actually adore the way they look in my room.

I have, of course, tactically chosen which clothes to display - my not-so-instagramable old hoodies and shirts that I wear to bed are hidden away in the wardrobe. The rails also come with a shoe storage rack on the bottom... which I've also managed to fill all three with shoes. Honestly, I'm even appalled at myself.

There's not much else to show you in bedroom - I have these rails, a wardrobe and my bed and that's pretty much it! This is the one thing I've loved about moving into a place all by myself - I've been able to move furniture around and put my things in more places than just one room!

liverpool flat 13.jpg


I think this is my favourite part of the flat. You can probably already tell from the photos, but I have an open-plan living room/kitchen, and since I moved the sofa to the side of the room so I can sit and look out of the window - and because I also don't have a TV - I needed something to fill this space.

The prints you can see on the windowsill are from a number of different places. The two in the copper frames were very kindly gifted to me from Desenio way back last year, and the gorgeos Liverpool print is from Etsy. I bought this when I first moved to London - I wanted to take a little bit of Liverpool with me, and now we're back!

The two smaller ones in between are actually cards I bought from Utility. Cards and postcards make really cute small prints - and you'll see I have quite a few of them dotted around the flat.

This side table is something that I already had too - I'd bought it from Sainsbury's for about £15 in London, and I love it. I've styled it with some fashion books and this lovely - albeit fake - plant in a marble pot on top to add a little more greenery.

liverpool flat 6.jpg
liverpool flat 9.jpg
liverpool flat 5.jpg

Disclaimer: all of my plants are fake. Don't trust to me look after anything because I am quite incapable of keeping anything alive.

I then spotted this rug wandering around IKEA and instantly knew I wanted it in the living room. There's no other carpet in the flat and I just wanted to add a little bit more cosiness to it. The rug was £17.


I checked the price about 4 times because I couldn't quite believe it. How gorgeous does it look?!

The desk and chair are also from IKEA and MY GOD was this fun to assemble. The desk only came in 5 different parts, but it took four hours, three people, numerous emergency biscuits, two cups of tea and a Just Eat order for us to put it up. I'd already roped in one of my best friends to help me as I was tired of building stuff by this point, and then we had to make an SOS call to her boyfriend half-way through to come and help us before I had a mild breakdown over a single screw.

I have never been happier to see anything in one piece before and I just want to say a huge thank you to both of them for spending their night helping me. Although they did make me promise to never buy anything flat-packed again and I think I agree.

Looks pretty though, right?

liverpool flat 10.jpg
liverpool flat 8.jpg


The hallway in this place is pretty huge and I have no idea why - but I'm not complaining! Here you can see the third clothes rail that I bought, filled with my most-worn shoes on the bottom, and all of my coats, jackets and blazers that I can grab on my way out. There's something just effortlessly cool about an open clothes rail, right? I've never had the room to have one before but now I think I'm a little obsessed.

Opposite my coats and jackets, I've moved the chest of drawers that was in the bedroom out here into the hallway and made a little feature out of it with some more prints. Again, the smaller one is actually a greeting card, and the other one is a print I bought from my weekend in Brighton!

Just further towards the back of the photo, you can see another table - this was actually supposedly the dining table that was in the living room, but it's pretty tiny and so has made the perfect place for my mail, notebooks and keys by the door instead. I actually think it looks pretty cute here - and it's already come in super handy!


The view

And finally, this is the view from my window. I'm honestly so lucky to have found this flat - and it's actually crazy to think I wouldn't have found this had my original flat not fell through on the day I was meant to move in!

When you're sat in the living room, the Liver Building towers over our building and actually looks a little imposing. I, however, love it. I just think it's gorgeous and majestic and sunsets like this just make it look even more beautiful.


Why I've started writing a diary.

Why I've started writing a diary.

Yes, I am one of those 'blogging types', but I'm also so much more, too.

Yes, I am one of those 'blogging types', but I'm also so much more, too.