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Getting my confidence back with a little 'me' time by the beach.

Getting my confidence back with a little 'me' time by the beach.


A little 'me' time by the beach.

Last weekend, I took myself off to Brighton for a bit of 'me' time. I adore being by the sea - the sound of the waves is something that is so relaxing and therapeutic to me that it's most definitely a life goal of mine to end up living by the sea one day.

I uhhmed-and-ahhed about going for the whole weekend by myself for a while, as I was a little worried about spending so much time on my own and how much time I would have to overthink everything. But I totally surprised myself and I had the best time.

I spent both Saturday and Sunday just doing all of my favourite things, having to please and answer to no one but myself and it was pure bliss. I sat on the beach for hours, just watching, listening and being mesmerised by the waves hittng the pebble beach. I simply sat and read my book in the sunshine. I took myself for brunch and for coffee at regular intervals, as well as walking around The Lanes and discovering some of the loveliest independent shops and cafes.


I got up early so I could be at the beach before anyone else and it was totally worth it. I don't think I can articulate how simply wonderful it felt to just be wandering, barefoot along the edge of beach - where the pebbles meet the sea - with the sun already shining, and being able to hear nothing but the sound of the water. I was definitely in a little happy bubble and I never wanted it to burst.

"Sometimes, you just need a break. In a beautiful place. Alone. To figure everything out."

This little getaway by myself did wonders for me. I feel so much happier, more confident and stronger than I have done in the last year or so - and I think it was just that that I needed to get back. I think I'd lost my confidence in myself a little, and it feels good to have reminded myself that actually, I really bloomin' enjoy spending time alone - and that spending time alone in no way means that you're going to feel lonely.


I felt far from lonely this weekend. I felt calm and happy and like I was finally on the way to figuring things out. It's like I've finally been able to clear my head, and now I can focus on all of the exciting things I've got planned over the next few months - like moving back to Liverpool, day trips to Paris, and everything else in between.

The prettiest new coffee spot in London.

The prettiest new coffee spot in London.

Making new memories.

Making new memories.