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I'm moving back to Liverpool!

I'm moving back to Liverpool!

Liverpool 1

Liverpool. ♥

Oh, HELLO. So, in case you haven't already figured it out - I have some news. In the next month or so, I'm moving back to my favourite city and I quite literally couldn't be happier about it. I haven't stopped smiling over the last few days, and I just can't stop thinking about how much I'm going to be getting my happiness back and it's making me all kinds of giddy and I haven't even got there yet.

It was just over a year ago that I moved to London to take up a new job, and well... it's quite the miracle that I even lasted 12 months if we're being completely honest - something that my closest friends will most certainly attest to (sorry for all the breakdowns, guys).

There's no doubt about it that the last year has been the hardest year of my life so far, everything seemed to happen at once and I've had to deal with so, so much all at the same time. It wasn't just a new job and all of the stresses and pressures that came with that - it was having to move my life 250 miles away to a new city away from all my friends and family while a close family member was a little poorly, it was trying to get used to the 'London culture' that is simply just not me, as well as losing a relationship with someone that meant the world to me in the process.

It's been pretty shit.


I think one of the hardest things has been that I felt there was some kind of social pressure on me to fall in love with London. Before I went, everyone was telling me how amazing it is and how much I would love it and the social life and the places I could go - and there was a point when I genuinely felt like there was something wrong with me for hating it.

And do you know what? Those things are true. London is an incredible place to be. There's always something going on or something to do. I've actually really grown to love socialising after work - when the homebody in me beforehand couldn't think of anything worse (like, hello why would you want to go out after work when you can go home and get in bed instead???) - but now I love grabbing coffee with friends in the evening. One of my favourite things to do now is to book last minute tickets which are super cheap and go and see a show in the West End after work - and I've been so, so lucky to have been given the chance to do that.

But, the rest of it? The rest of London life just doesn't sit well with me at all. The constant pushing and shoving and rudeness of London makes me so, so angry - and I'm not an angry person! I hate that everyone just walks at each other and expects everyone else to move. I hate that no one smiles or says 'good morning!' to each other. I hate that the rental prices in London essentially force you to house share with complete strangers - who can be a total nightmare and when you're a gal who likes her own space as much as I do - it's not exactly brilliant.


Do I regret taking that job and moving to London?

Absolutely not. I have learned so much in the last year. I have progressed in my career more than I ever imagined I could. I have become way more confident and I've learned what I want, what I don't want and what absolutely makes me happy. I've also made some of the best friends along the way - girls that I literally can't imagine my life without now and girls that I hope I'm going to be friends with for a very long time to come.

But now? Now I can't wait to get back to Liverpool. I can't wait to get a flat in the city again and have lots of my own space. I can't wait to get my bum back to the gym and have a much healthier lifestyle and one that makes me happy.

So, watch this space - a new, improved and happier Soph is coming right back and I'M EXCITED.

Making new memories.

Making new memories.

The one thing I want to do this summer.

The one thing I want to do this summer.