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How blogging has helped shape me, my life & why I'll be forever thankful for it.

How blogging has helped shape me, my life & why I'll be forever thankful for it.


How blogging has helped shape me & my life.

By the end of this year, I'll have been blogging for 4 years. Four whole years of writing stuff and putting photos of myself on the internet, of caring a little too much about how many likes a photo is getting on Instagram, and of bugging the hell out of my friends by asking 'oooh, wait, I need to take a photo of that!' every five minutes.

A few weeks ago, I was chatting to someone new, and they asked what I did in my spare time. I found myself being really hesitant to tell them that I have a blog. I took a deep breath and uttered the words as if it was something to be embarrassed about - and I'm not entirely sure why I felt that way.

I guess I feel like bloggers get a bit of a bad rep outside of the blogging industry and I was once told that I was 'basic' for having a blog. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but this guy said it rudely and with all of the negative connotations to that. And ever since then, it's something that I get a little nervous about when I tell people and I always wonder what people really think about it.

And then, as always, I told myself to stop being silly and that actually, my blog is something that I'm super proud of, and I started thinking about all of the things that it's taught me and why I'm thankful that I ever started writing it in the first place. I thought I'd jot them down so I can look back over them the next time I feel unsure of my little place on the internet. ♥


It makes me push myself

I see people all the time talking about how 'saturated' the blogging industry is now - and yes, it probably is. There are more people starting blogs now than ever before, but I totally see this as a good thing. If it wasn't for all of the wonderful and inspiring blogs and bloggers I follow on a daily basis, there is no way my blog would look like it does or be where it is now.

There's no way I would've focused so much time on learning how to edit a photo, or be constantly watching and learning from other bloggers on how they edit theirs to improve and create my own style. There would be no way I would've invested so much time on googling how to build a website or edit some code to get my site looking the way it I really wanted it to. There's no way I would be striving to constantly make my content better if it wasn't for the rest of the industry.

I think we often forget how good competition is for us (as long as it's healthy, of course), and how it really does help us to push ourselves to improve and be better writers, photographers and overall creators.

It's given me an eye for things

There is no doubt about it that blogging and Instagram enabled me to rediscover my love for photography. It's helped me to spot photo opportunities everywhere. That seemingly normal street? 'Okay, but if you stand in front of the corner of that building, with that tree in the back corner and I take it at this angle... we have the shot you want.'

And it was only during this exact scenario whilst trying to take some photos for a friend the other day, that I realised I would never, in a million years, have even thought like this a few years ago, And I love, love, love that it's made me a more creative gal.


It's helped me with my career

(Tip, if you don't already have your blog on your CV, you need to pop it on there ASAP!)

Making a career move from accountancy to radio, most certainly wouldn't have been possible without my blog. I was able to showcase my creative side, along with a whole lot of other skills to help me bag the job that I just didn't have in my previous roles.

It also helped me to figure out that I wanted to do something more creative in the first place. Without my blog, I wouldn't have craved to be in a more creative industry. Without my blog, I probably would've ended up staying in something very corporate, without even realising that it just wasn't 'me' at all. Blogging enabled me to discover where my real strengths lie, and they were surprisingly not where I thought they'd be!

It's given me more confidence than I ever thought I'd have

Seriously, ask anyone who knew me 5 years ago, and the idea that I'd be putting myself 'out there' on the internet would've made them all laugh. And it's not just the writing and the photos, it's having the confidence to stand in the middle of the street taking a million photos in the first place. Or heading to blog events on my own and being okay with the fact that I'll not know anyone and that I'll have to just talk to people.

Basically, in conclusion, my blog has done wonders for me and my life. It's been one of the only consistant things over the last 4 years. It's been my place to learn, grow and vent my thoughts to the world. It's been my therapist, a career booster and a place to meet wonderful people, too.

A blog is so much more than just words and photos on a page, and so if you've ever thought about starting a blog - take my word for it and just start one. It's the best.


The one thing I want to do this summer.

The one thing I want to do this summer.

Realising that I'm never going to be able to do it all.

Realising that I'm never going to be able to do it all.