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A Saturday well spent & the little things.

A Saturday well spent & the little things.


A Saturday Well Spent.

It's Sunday afternoon as I'm writing this and I'm sat in my favourite coffee spot in Liverpool - contemplating life, trying to figure out what my next steps should be for my career & my personal happiness and what I ~really~ want in the next few years. Which sounds pretty deep, and I guess it is a little, but I'm quite the thinker and think (worry) about these things a lot on a daily basis.

This morning I woke up to a text message from a friend who's in the army, reassuring all of his friends and family that he was okay after recent attacks where he is based, and it terrified me and reminded me how important it is to check in with your loved ones all at the same time. Because sometimes, it's the little things like a simple text message just so say hello that could make someone's day. I'm quite bad at checking in with friends sometimes - I think we all can be with the nature of life - but it's one thing I'm going to try and get better at.

Anyway, back to what I'd originally planned to write - a Saturday well spent...


After a productive (and first!) Girls in Work team meeting in London on Friday evening, it meant that I was booked on a Saturday morning train back to Liverpool instead of Friday afternoon. Although for this once, I didn't mind in the slightest because it was a very worth-while and exciting few hours.

As I left my flat at 9am, the sun was shining and reflecting off the fairy lights on my little street, and for the first time this year it felt warm outside as I walked to the station and it made me feel all happy.

Thankfully, the sun was still shining when I made it to Liverpool and I wanted to make the most of it. I'd been looking back through some old photos last week and I wanted to go and re-visit some of my fave spots in the city in the sunshine.


On my list was Abercromby Square by the University, although I'm not gonna lie, I only headed here because I know there is the prettiest blossom tree that I wanted to get a photo of. A coffee, 7 miles and an orange juice in the sunshine later, it was suddenly 7pm and the realisation that it was probably time to head home for pizza and an absolute bargain of a 75p Easter Egg picked up earlier.

I know it doesn't sound like much or anything exciting, but it was quite the perfect Saturday. I've always been one to really appreciate the little things, and this weekend has definitely been all about the little things.

The sunshine, the city, the warmth, the coffee, the friends... and knowing that your friends are safe and well, too.


What would your perfect Saturday consist of? And what are the little things that mean the most to you?


The blogging debate: my thoughts, experiences, & how I feel about what blogging has become.

The blogging debate: my thoughts, experiences, & how I feel about what blogging has become.

Soho, friendships, and a little old-school style blogging.

Soho, friendships, and a little old-school style blogging.