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Welcome to my blog. I'm currently trying to brunch & blog my way through life, friendships, love, a career and everything else in between. Hope you enjoy reading through my brilliantly random ramblings.

Soho, friendships, and a little old-school style blogging.

Soho, friendships, and a little old-school style blogging.


Soho, friendships, and a little old-school style blogging.

Today I wanted to go back to a little 'old-school' style blogging. This post wasn't planned, nor do I have a plan for it. However, I went on a last minute coffee date yesterday evening with a friend after work, and we found the prettiest bakery and coffee shop and I just really wanted to share the photos with you.

I miss this kind of blogging. Where I'd just tell you guys about a place that I visited or something that I've done instead of having to have huge, deep, life chats in every post. I miss not having to have everything planned so much, you know? I miss the spontaneity that you used to get with blogging, before it was so much of a 'business industry'.

I miss sitting in Starbucks and just writing and hitting 'publish' on a post at 2.34pm on a Saturday afternoon instead of waiting until the peak times for my blog that I've spent an hour looking into before hand and not until I have at least 5 tweets scheduled.

So, here we go. A totally unplanned post that I'm sharing with you just because I found the prettiest bakery and wanted to tell you about it.


Bread Ahead Bakery, Soho, London.


We were actually heading for Soho Grind when we spotted Bread Ahead in Soho, London, a few doors away and knew we had to pop inside. I'm not going to even try and pretend that the cakes weren't the first thing that we spotted through the window, but we instantly fell in love. Deciding which treat to have however, was more of a problem. SO. MUCH. CHOICE.

I opted and for a chocolate filled doughnut and Em went for the chocolate cake, and it was delicious and just what we needed at the end of a grey and pretty miserable Wednesday. I have to say, they made a great mug of coffee, too.


While sat in the window, we spotted a girl walk past with the cutest cupcake and box from a different little shop round the corner, so of course we then on went a hunt for even more cake, before having a wander around Carnaby and then finally somehow ending up in & Other Stories..

Thankfully, minimal damage was done in & Other Stories (even though I wanted to buy ~everything~) and it was genuinely the loveliest little evening and just what I needed for a mid-week pick me up.


Em and I have known each other since college, and actually moved to London from the North West within a week of each other, and it's so lovely to have someone to chat (vent!) to who gets the struggles of moving to London and how different it is to life back at home.

I think I've mentioned this in a previous post, but when things go a bit shit, it's the best feeling when your friends rally around you and make sure you're okay, and recently, I've been lucky enough to realise that I do have some of the best people around me.

Whether it's been helping me move house to save me doing it all by myself, being on the other end of the phone when I've needed someone to talk to, or simply a quick text asking if I want to grab coffee and a chat, it's quite often the little things that help the most and make you feel a little bit better again.


A Saturday well spent & the little things.

A Saturday well spent & the little things.

Life lately; where have I been?

Life lately; where have I been?