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Lifestyle goals I'd love to achieve in the next few years.

Lifestyle goals I'd love to achieve in the next few years.


Have a home office

This is something that I have wanted for the longest time. I've been particularly lucky in that every job I've had so far has given me the opportunity to have work-from-home days, and while waking up at 08.50am and quite literally just reaching over and hauling my laptop onto my lap while still very much under my duvet sounds like a dream... after a while your productivity really does start to fail!

Put that together with the amount of time I spend on my laptop working on my blog, I have no idea how I've lasted this long without even having a desk!

Having always lived in a flat or a house share, I've never had enough of my own space to be able to have a little office space, and so one of my goals for the next few years is to try and rent a 2 bed-flat to myself so that I can transform the second room into a Pinterest-worthy space!

I'm talking a white desk, cute prints everywhere and a maybe even an arm chair by the window where I can read. A girl can dream, right?

IMG_3366 2.JPG

Furnish my own place

I guess this ties in with the above, but while renting a furnished flat is very convenient and means you don't have to spend weeks sleeping on the floor or eating your dinner on a cardboard box when you first move in, I can't help but dream of the day I can put MY stamp on a place. I mean, I spend half of my spare time on Pinterest, so it's safe to say I have about 2356 different ideas of how to style each room, but homeware shopping is my absolute fave and I just know I'd have so much fun.

Although, I'm aware I tend to have ~very~ expensive taste when it comes to most things so I should probably start saving up for this now.

Host an event

Here's a little bit of a fun fact, when I was having a little career crisis a few years ago and looking for a career change, one of the options that really interested me was event organising (I'd LOVE to be a wedding planner - anyone else?!), and so while this is a little random, I think I'd really love to organise and host an event... most probably a blog one for obvious reasons!

I have a whole vision board planned out with the kind of space that I'd love to host in, the aesthetics, the brands I'd love to collab with and the activities/order of the day.

I guess the only things that have stopped me from doing this so far is time, and confidence. Like, I'd literally be terrified that no one would turn up haha! But hopefully, in the next few years I can overcome this and tick this one off my list!

IMG_3373 2.JPG

Write more.

The motivation for this one comes and goes all of the time. Like today I've written 3 blog posts but before that I didn't write anything for 2 weeks. However, right now I'm filled with all of the motivation and I've started to think that I'd really like to do with an online space.

I'd really love to work on things like this and set myself more of a long-term plan and goals and see what I can do!


Save for a deposit

There's a lot of 'house/home' stuff in this, aren't there?

The last few years have felt like years of constant change for me. Since 2016, I've changed jobs twice and effectively moved flats twice - one of them being moving my life to London! While this has all been very exciting, it's unfortunately come at an expense, too. While I know that personally, I am years off wanting to buy a house, in the next few years I'd love to start seriously saving for when the occasion arises!

What kind of things do you want to have achieved in the next few years?


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