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5 ways to have a digital spring clean.

5 ways to have a digital spring clean.

digital spring clean

A spring clean... of the digital kind.

Spring is one of my favourite times of the year. I love that with it comes the lighter mornings and evenings, the pretty colours of the blossom trees and for me, I feel like the start of spring is when my year really starts. It's when my motivation seems to finally come around, and it's always the time of year that I have a good declutter and spring clean... of everything.

I've recently had the urge to do a bit of a digital spring clean - I mean, my phone is the first thing I check when I wake up and then I spend the rest of the day on my laptop... or y'know, re-checking my phone, and actually, it can make me feel really stressed if my digital space isn't 'tidy' and organised.

So, at the time of year when we're spring cleaning everything else, here are 5 ways I've done it digitally.

digital spring clean


This one may not be as big of a problem once we get past GDPR in May but HOW annoying are all of those unwanted emails that land in your inbox every single day that you didn't subscribe to? It drives me a little bit nuts.

I used to quickly delete them every time they came into my inbox, but actually, taking the time to click 'unsubscribe' instead is a much better long-term fix and stops them from coming back.

Having a clear out of my inbox instantly de-stresses me, as it immediately feels a lot less overwhelming and like I have a lot less to do!


I know a lot of people have written about this in the past, but having a little unfollow spree can do wonders for your mind, mental health and motivation.

We consume ~a lot~ of content every single day, and for me, I want all of my feeds to be motivating and inspiring and creative. Sometimes, you just 'grow-out' of accounts that you may have followed a few years ago - and if they aren't necessarily what you'd follow now, feel free to unfollow!

This also applies if someones tweets/posts are triggering or upsetting or make you feel angry or any negative emotions. Make your socials a postive space for you.

Remember all those Facebook pages you 'liked' in Year 9? Unfollow those, too!


Organise photos

This is a task that I have to try and tackle gradually because your gal over here has over 57,000 photos on her phone. Don't ask me how - I somehow managed to switch my iCloud on a few years ago and so I don't think my photos are actually clogging up memory space, but having that many photos in quite literally, no particular order, stresses me out a little.

And so, bit by bit I'm trying to sort through them by popping them into albums that make sense, and deleting all of those duplicate photos and edits that you get when you take Instagram/outfit photos (yep, I've still got all of them), in the hope that I'll eventually get there and have a more organised photo album!

Delete old apps

I started doing this regularly years ago when I had my first iPhone and there was zero memory on it and it became rather a necessity in order to keep the bloomin' thing working. However, I still try and do this every few months now as it feels like I'm having a proper little clearout of my digital space.

Similar to how I'd clear out my clothes, I determine which apps I haven't used since the last time - and if not, I delete them. Althoguh, unlike clearing out your wardrobe, the good thing is you can always re-download if the need arises!

I also like to organise some of the apps into folders - mainly the apple apps that come with the phone that you never use but can't delete! I hide these away in a folder on the last screen and this strangely makes me feel better, too!

Social log-ins

Have you ever tried out a random app years ago that wanted access to your Twitter you deleted instantly and forgot about? Or how about all of those Facebook apps that want access to your feed? You'll be amazed how many third-party applications have authorisation to access your social accounts that you've either forgotten about or don't use anymore.

So, go to the apps section of each of your social accounts, and remove access/delete anything that you don't use or recognise. The less data we can share with random companies, the better, right?


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