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5 blog favourites | February

5 blog favourites | February

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Okay hi. I know it'll be the 5th March by the time this goes up and I'm about a week late for a February favourites post but that pretty much sums my life up at the mo - better late than never though, right?!

One of the things I really wanted to do with my blog this year is to share more of the blogs and bloggers that I love and those that I have been reading furiously over the last month or so. And so, without further delay, here are 5 of the blogs I've been loving and reading the most this February.


Michelle - Daisybutter

I think I discovered Michelle's blog through someone else doing one of these posts and recommending her blog and I'm so, so glad I've found her. Michelle describes her blog as full of 'lifestyle treasures' and not only do I now adore this phrase, but it could not sum up her blog more.

The Sundaze posts have quickly become one of my favourite things to read on a Sunday morning and I love that Michelle blogs about quite literally anything and everything. Her photogtaphy is beaut, and considering she's been blogging since 2009, there's an abundance of content for me to get through whenever I just fancy something to read. I love it.

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Kelly - Kelly Prince Writes

I met Kelly last month at a wonderful blog event at the Mondrian London and since then, I've been massively stalking her blog and I adore it.

She has recently given her blog a re-brand and I am here for it. I love the idea of creating more of a brand - creating your individual editing style and colour palettes and since reading Kelly's post, I've thought about this so much and it's definitely something that I may try creating myself!

Kelly's insta is also something you should be following and I'm so excited to see what happens for Kelly and her blog in 2018!

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Allie - Rush & Teal

I actually can't get enough of Allie at the mo. If you don't already know, Allie recently launched The Slow Sunday Club, which is a 'weekly drop of inspiration to take time and enjoy your Sunday'. It's a newsletter and a community all in one, and I live for it every week.

Allie's photography and Insta is also the dreamiest right now, and her blog is filling me with so much inspo and motivation to work even harder on my own.

Oh, and this gal is just the LOVELIEST so there's that, too.

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Oh So Mint

Chelsea - Oh So Mint

I think Chelsea's blog is technically more of a March discovery, after one of her images was featured on The Slow Sunday Club's instagram, however - I have devoured nearly all of her Interiors content since then because this girl has an eye for aesthetics and I kind of want to ask her to come and decorate my own place.

As with all of the other girls on this months list, Chelsea's Instagram is gorgeous and you should go check her out over there, too.

I'm still pretty new to Oh So Mint, but I can tell it's going to be one of those blogs that will turn into a long-term favourite.

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Little Thoughts

Hannah - Little Thoughts

In the scheme of my 'blogging life', Hannah's blog is another pretty recent discovery, even though I've been reading for a while, Hannah has been blogging a lot longer and it makes me sad that I didn't find her sooner!

Her posts are so relatable to me and I find myself nodding along and mentally shouting 'YES!' at my computer screen every time. Hannah blogs about beauty and lifestyle as well as being open and honest about mental health, too.

I find Hannah's blog to be such a refreshing read and it's so lovely that you know she's being totally herself. I'd totally recommend you checking her out!

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Who have you been enjoying reading recently?


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