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In defence of; really caring about your Instagram.

In defence of; really caring about your Instagram.

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In defence of; really caring about your instagram.

Instagram has become the platform that we all love to hate, and has been ever since this silly algorithm first entered our lives way back in 2016, and I'm not going to lie, I complain about it ~a lot~. As bloggers, we all understand what the problem is and are completely empathetic to each other and get why it really gets on our tits.

My IRL friends though? Sometimes they don't quite get it the same. I can feel the judgement when I sit and say how fed up I am of low engagement, and can tell that they just think I'm being pretty self absorbed and vain because lol, 'why isn't everybody liking a picture of me?!' does sound pretty daft.

And so today, I wanted to defend why we really care about our Instagram feeds, and that it's totally okay to do so, too.

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Other creatives care about their work, so why can't we?

Instagram is a creative platform. It's a place to share your favourite photos and videos with your friends and family. It's a place to share and promote blog posts to your followers. It's a place to show off your creative work - whether that be if you're a photographer wanting to show off your skills or are a small business selling products on Etsy trying to grow and reach a bigger audience. Instagram is for everyone and everyone uses it in a different way.

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For most of us affected by the algorithm, our problem is that it's disheartening. We can spend hours shooting content, editing the photographs, planning out our feeds and researching the best hashtags to use… only for 2% of our followers to actually see it. We have spent a long time trying to grow an audience, for literally none of them to see our work that we actually work really bloomin' hard in creating.

And that, in essence, is why it's okay to really care about your Instagram. It would be okay for a journalist to really care about how well their writing is received and how many people have read their article. It would be okay for a musical artist to really care about how many downloads their piece of music has had and how many people hear it. It would okay for a clothing designer to really care about how many people have seen or want to buy their latest design.

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We care about our grids, too...

It's okay for all of these creators in more 'typical' creative industries to care about getting their work out there, and it's just the same with bloggers and Instragrammers. Which I guess leads me on to saying that we don't just care about each individual photo, we really care about how our grids look like as a whole, too. Why? Well, think about it like this again;

If you walked through the door of a museum or an art gallery and it was a bit of a mess, would you be more or less inclined to carry on walking through than if it was clean and looked impressive?

If you saw a book or an album in a shop that had a poorly put together cover, with a bit of a terrible photo, no song list or information, would you be more or less inclined to listen to or read what's inside than one with a beautiful front cover and all of the information you need?

As bloggers, we create and put as much time and effort into our work in exactly the same way as everyone else does, and therefore, we care about it and what people think (and getting it seen in the first place!) in the same ways as every other creator would.

What are your thoughts on this?


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