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5 things that made me happy.

5 things that made me happy.


5 things that made me happy.

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed that last week I got to spend a whole 7 days back in Liverpool and I'm not gonna lie, I can't remember the last time I smiled so much.

I felt so happy and content and... well, right back at home. I felt settled again. It was the break from London that I absolutely needed, and most definitely fueled my desire to start working on a little project to bring that kind of happiness back into my life all of the time, and not just when I get the chance to go back and visit my favourite city because boy, have I missed feeling like that.

I have no idea whether it's going to work or not, and I'm trying to think positive but not get my hopes up all at the same time. Which is hard because I'm the queen of getting my hopes up. But I guess we'll see! Anyway, in the mean time, here are 5 things that made me very happy over the last week or so.


S U N N Y  D R I V E S

I left London on Saturday morning, and the weather was just beautiful. It was cold but sunny and made my drive (once I'd gotten off of the stressful London roads and back into my comfort zone of motorway driving!) super enjoyable. It took me about 5 hours, but I drank lots of coffee and sang along to The Greatest Showman soundtrack more times than I care to admit. IT WAS FAB.

E V E N I N G  W A L K S

Once I'd arrived in Liverpool on Saturday afternoon, and after a long chat and life catch ups on the sofa with my lovely friend who always lets me borrow her spare room, we headed out for a walk around the docks. It may have been dark, but the river and the lights around the Albert Dock never fail to look so, so pretty. In fact, I spent most of the walk skipping around and pointing at different things and squealing 'look at it!'.

And then we went to get fish & chips, which quite honestly was the perfect end to a pretty perfect first day.


F A M I L Y  T I M E

My Mum and Dad got back from a sunny getaway to Mexico this week too, so heading even further north to go and catch up with them over a cup of tea was just lovely. Oh, and of course I got to see the dog, too. ♥ We had a bit of a laugh as going home is most definitely never boring. Someone in our family always seems to be up to something/has some news/is planning on making a random life change but y'know..I guess it's better than nothing!

P I Z Z A  &  N E T F L I X

Is there anything better than ordering pizza and getting tucked up in bed with a good Netflix show to enjoy it with? No. I don't think so. Particularly when it's freezing cold outside and you're all warm and snuggled up under the duvet eating yummy pizza.

OH and then you get to eat pizza for breakfast the day after too, so it's literally a win-win.

B L U E  S K I E S  &  T H E  C I T Y

Friday was such a beautiful day. The sun was shining and the blue skies were out - albeit it was freezing - it was lovely, and so I wanted to make the most of it and we headed out on a walk so I could take photos of my favourite parts of the city and I LOVED it. We even finished off with pancakes at Moose coffee - the place for American pancakes if you're ever in Liverpool, just FYI.

I've actually missed writing these kind of round-up posts at the end of the week. Maybe I'll get back to them more regularly :)


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