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The best way to treat yourself for £30 - an Elemis facial at Harvey Nichols.

The best way to treat yourself for £30 - an Elemis facial at Harvey Nichols.


An Elemis facial at Harvey Nichols.

A few weeks ago, I was invited into Harvey Nichols by the lovely Lydia from the Elemis counter, and treated to a complimentary, 30 minute facial (in return for this post, for complete transparency), and my god did my skin need it.

First, a little bit of a confession. I am spectacularly rubbish at keeping up any kind of skin-care. I moisturise daily, but that's about it. I cleanse a few times a week if I'm lucky, and I've certainly never had an actual facial.

So, the first thing that happened when I rocked up to the counter all cold and wet from the rain outside, was that I was given a skin analysis. A very clever camera takes a side profile photo of your face, and then the very clever computer analyses your skin to determine which areas of your skin need a little TLC. These areas are: the surface & texture of your skin, sun exposure, sensitive areas, fine lines & wrinkles and your pores, as well as any dehydrated areas.

From this analysis, Lydia decided that a Dynamic Resurfacing Facial was the one I needed. This is a deep cleansing, exfoliating and hydrating facial, that evens out the surface of the skin, pigmentations and pores.

I had no idea that this existed, but there's a whole bloomin' spa upstairs in Harvey Nic's, and Lydia showed me to the Elemis treatment room on the second floor. It was so lovely and peaceful, and the ambience was just gorgeous. I got undressed from the waist up so that I could wrap the towel around me and lay down on the chair, which then reclined into a massage chair! The massage chair was on for about 15 minutes, and was certainly an added bonus to the facial.

The massage chair actually works to target the most-needed areas in your back. It starts by scanning your back and then applying different rythms and pressures to get those knots out wherever they're needed for you.

As part of this facial, you also get a hot-stone shoulder massage thrown in too (all still for £30!), and I can't even tell you how much I needed it. After the busiest period in work, it was so nice to be relaxed and pampered for a change, even if it was just for half an hour.

The facial products.

Now, like I say, I'm no skin-care expert, so Lydia very kindly noted down which products she'd used for me. I'd love to be able to tell you which one was my favourite, but to be honest, they all felt super refreshing and lovely.

The products used in the Dynamic Resurfacing Facial are:

  • Superfood Facial Wash
  • White Flowers Eye & Lip Make-Up Remover
  • Rehydrating Ginseng Toner
  • Papaya Enzyme Peel
  • Cellular Recovery Skin Bliss Capsules
  • Superfood Facial Oil
  • Hydra-Boot Sensitive Day Cream
  • Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm
  • Pro-Collagen Eye Renewal

My skin felt so refreshed and revitalised when I walked out of the store compared to when I walked in. So much so, that I'm making it one of my 2019 goals to treat myself to a facial at least once a month (you have to have nice goals to keep you going with your other ones, don't you?!)

If you're around in Liverpool, why not pop into Elemis and treat yourself to a facial? It's worth it, I promise.


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Your future is you.

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