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A few reflections & a little life update.

A few reflections & a little life update.


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Hello. How are we all? I thought it was about time I did another little life update post. I cannot believe that we are 6 days into November already. In some ways, I feel like I've blinked and missed 2018, and in other ways, I'm so, SO ready for this year to be over with.

2018 started in a shit way. And then it got even shittier. And then everything started to fall into place and I was super happy, and then everything around me seemed to come crashing down, again. And now it feels like we're back on the up a little, thank god. But, it's safe to say that I am oh-so-ready for a clean slate... and who knows, 2019 may just be that year that I finally make my year and all that. A girl can dream.


So, what have I actually been up to? Well... work, mostly. It's been pretty busy on the craziest of scales, but I don't think I could love it anymore and it's making me all kinds of happy. I get home and my head is normally a little bit of a mush, but it feels good. Kind of like when you get back from the gym and you have that 'good ache' that means you know you've worked hard? It feels like that most days but with my brain!

I'm throwing myself completely into my new job at the mo - partly because I'm so motivated and determined to make a success of it, but also partly to use it as a distraction. I know, that at some point, I'm going to have to stop using work as a distraction, but it's working for now and making me feel happy so I guess there could be worse things!

You may have seen that I jetted off to Benidorm for a few days for all of the activities in the sun with Jet2 a few weeks ago, and as I say in the post, I proper loved it. I couldn't have asked for a better first press trip and better girls to share the experience with, and it made me all proud of my little blog to have gotten me such an opportunity.

And then, this week - I was invited by the lovely Julia to be a guest on a panel for an event this week chatting all things blogging, career, personal branding and Girls in Work. Me. On a panel. WHAT.

I was reflecting on the last few weeks this weekend, which is when I started to write this post, and I realised how far I've come in the last few years. The girl who started this blog four years ago would never have dreamed that I'd be taken abroad on a press trip - let alone be brave enough to go alone - or be invited and have the confidence to speak on a panel. Is it a weird thing to say I'm a little proud of me?


And then, on top of all that, I've been trying to take a little more care of myself. My last two weekends have pretty much been for me. Yes, I've been for coffee and breakfast with friends for a few hours, but I've also made sure that I've had the time to do some of the old things I love. Like sitting in a coffee shop for hours and just writing, reading blogs and attempting to refresh my mind.

I've gotten myself all wrapped up and taken myself off for walks around the docks because I know it makes me all happy and calm. I've also taken to making myself a cup of tea and sitting out on my windowsill, looking down on the city and the waterfront and reading my book.

I'm currently re-reading The Secret - which, if you haven't already spotted, was the inspo behind a few of these poster picks. If you haven't read The Secret yet, you NEED to. It's quite literally life-changing and I couldn't recommend it enough.

So, there we go. I hope that things will continue to get better over the next few weeks, and then... well, then it's nearly Christmas and it never fails to put me in a good mood. Can guarantee I'll be listening to Christmas songs this time next week! 🎅🏻




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