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3 books that have changed my life.

3 books that have changed my life.


3 books that have changed my life.

You may read the title of this post and think I'm exaggerating a little, and you're probably right. However, the three books I'm about to introduce you to, have genuinely changed my way of thinking and they've inspired me to take actions around certain parts of my life. They've provided a kind of therapy for my mind, overhauled the way I see situations and there's absolutely no doubt about it, these books have made me happier.

I always say every year that I'm going to read more and make it part of my New Year goals, however, 2018 has been the first year in a long time that I've read any book front-to-back, never mind the 8 that I've read this year (I know that's hardly any for some of you guys, but I read 0 in 2017 so for me that's a lot!).

And so, here are my 3 favourites so far. Here are the 3 books that have (at least a little), changed my life.

Lean In, Sheryl Sandberg


This book was my inspiration for creating Girls in Work, and you'll notice that I reference quotes from Sheryl a lot in my posts - I find her writing really inspirational and she's most certainly a career woman that I look up to.

As the curent COO of Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg knows a thing or two about what it means to not only be a woman in the workplace, but a woman who is also a leader. In her book, Sheryl explores the argument that the only way we're going to achieve gender equality in the workplce, is if we, as females, push past our own fears, anxieties, and the ways that we're actually unintentially holding ourselves back.

Sheryl's book not only inspired me to create GIW, but to really be more confident as a woman in work, and take note of all the things and behaviours I was unintentionally doing in the office that I needed to change in order to progress.


Now this book... this book gave me the courage to take the first steps to leaving a relationship that was incredibly toxic to me and my life, and looking back I wish I'd have found this book sooner.

It focuses on the idea that at the bottom of all of our fears, there is one fear in common: that we won't be able to handle the outcome. It tells you that next time you feel this fear, simply say these three words:


It's a life mantra that I've lived with ever since I've read this book, it's one that has pushed me to do thing I didn't think I could handle, and it's one that has shown me I'm so much stronger than I ever thought I was.

Feel the fear & do it anyway
the secret

The Secret

I was so, so late to finally picking this book up. I'd seen all of the hype around The Secret on social media earlier this year, but for some reason, it took me months to begin reading it and it's another book that I wish I'd have read sooner.

The Secret is all about the Law of Attraction and how we can use and implement this every day in order to shape our lives the way we wish them to be. It's about the incredible power of our minds and of ourselves and how we attract what we think about the most.

If you're going to pick up any of these three recommendations, pick up this one!


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