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Lifestyle Changes; Why they're important & how I'm dealing with mine.

Lifestyle Changes; Why they're important & how I'm dealing with mine.

As a generation, I think we're fast moving away from 'settling down' early, and it's quite clear from the sheer number of people who go travelling, move countries, or simply how many of us have jumped careers or university courses, that we do like to change things up quite regularly, don't we?

Maybe it's because we have access to a whole lot of things that our parents didn't; like (vast) improvements in technology and travel and I think with that, our goals and mindsets are changing and we want to do more. We get itchy feet  if we stay in the same job role for too long or in the same place, and it feels like every week there's someone on my Facebook announcing that they're moving, or that they've decided to take a year out, or that they're going freelance, because we can do all of these things now.

Pink Soda with JD Women

'Progress is impossible without change...'

Progress is impossible without change, and this is how I'm dealing with my move to London, although admittedly not very well up until the last few days! This move has always been about moving forward - moving forward with my career, my blog, my social life, everything. 

I'd been in Liverpool nearly 4 years, and while I still absolutely loved it and would love to have stayed for longer, when I started to think about it, maybe it was the right time for me to move on and try something new and head off on an exciting new adventure.

I mean, don't get me wrong, in no way was I 'stood still' in Liverpool - I'd moved there at 19, out of my parents home and into my own little flat. I'd successfully managed a career change and had the most fabulous job that I loved. But I guess progression would have just been a little slower, if I'd have stayed north.

And so now, I'm fully into my new 'London life' - I'm getting myself a routine and I finally have a regular commute to work that I can get used to. I'm making plans to see and catch up lots of lovely people and I guess I'm determined to make the most of living here. I'm going to see and explore as much as possible and find all of those Instagramable coffee shops I see all over my feed. ;)

So much changed when I decided to move to London, that I am still trying to keep some kind of consistency in my life too, at least just for a little while. I'm going to re-join the gym - the same gym that I was at in Liverpool so it will be at least a little familiar! I'm also going to try and find dance classes so that I can go back to training in Ballroom & Latin American dancing like I used to.  I'm still in touch with my Liverpool friends & flatmates so that I can get my Liverpool fix through them (and have an excuse to go back, obvs!).

At the end of the day, as hard as it always is to adjust, change is always a good thing, right?



Pink Soda & JD Women


Pink Soda sports bra, leggings & vest were very kindly gifted to me from JD Women

Doing it my way.

Doing it my way.

What I love the most about the Blogosphere.

What I love the most about the Blogosphere.