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5 Winter Fashion Favourites

5 Winter Fashion Favourites

Winter fashion favourites

5 Winter Fashion Favourites


I always feel nervous asking for 'clothes' for Christmas, just incase there's something that isn't ~quite~ me. I'd end up wearing it once or twice so that I don't feel as bad, and then leave it sitting in my wardrobe until an acceptable time has passed that I can donate it to charity!

As a solution, I've quite often opted for asking for the money or a gift voucer instead, so that I can purchase things that I 100% know I love. But maybe I should start writing these posts earlier than the 2nd week in December and then I can just send my Mum the link...? Lol. Maybe not. Not sure that would go down too well... although my Mum does basically ask me once a day from October what I would like for Christmas, so maybe it would actually help!
winter fashion favourites

Autumn/winter fashion is my absolute favourite for so many reasons. Every year I do a little happy skip when I first see all of the cosy knits and jumpers in the shop windows. I have 10 million scarves that I don't need, one too many pairs of black boots, and more coats than there are days of the week. There's just something about it that makes me v happy. 

So, here is a run down of my 5 winter fashion favourites, as well as some of of my fave pieces that are in the shops right now.

O V E R   T H E   K N E E   B O O T S
These are one of the most versatile things I own in my wardrobe. As soon as autumn hits, I wear them everywhere and with everything. I wear them over tights with jumper dresses or long shirts, or over my jeans with a nice blouse of jumper. They make me feel sassy and I love getting them out every year!

B L A N K E T  S C A R V E S
So big, so cosy and so damn warm. I love these because I can wear them as a scarf on my way in to work, and then it doubles up as blanket when the air con wars in the office commence.


C O S Y   K N I T S
One of the things that upset me the most about moving to London was that I had to basically wait an extra month to wear all of my cosy jumpers because it's not as cold down here, and I nearly fainted on the tube when I wore one too early. They're just so cosy! I also feel like you don't need to make much an effort. Like just throw on your jeans and jumper & you're good to go!

B O B B L E   H A T S
Ok so not only do they keep your head and ears warm and look cute, they're a saviour for when you can't be bothered to wash your hair. Please tell me you do this, too?

W I N T E R   C O A T S
I don't know why I have so many coats when you take them off as soon as you get to your destination, but I do. And I love them all. Maybe it's because it just makes me feel a lot more 'adult' and a lot more put together, but they're definitely one of my favourite fashion pieces in the Autumn/Winter months.


Here are 9 of my favourite things that I could find in the shops atm, and if I had to narrow them down even further...? I'd take the Jack Wills pink coat and the ASOS over the knee boots, please.

What are your favourite winter fashion pieces?



This post is a paid-for collaboration with Jack Wills, however all thoughts, creative content and ideas are all my own.
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