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Why I hate the word 'editorial' & blogging realisations.

Why I hate the word 'editorial' & blogging realisations.

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relating to the commissioning or preparing of material for publication.

"the editorial team"

Editorial shots. Editorial fashion. Editorial calendar.

I. hate. this. word.

And I hate even more that I got into a habit of only reading these more 'editorial' blogs. And do you know what, they're all absolutely fabulous. You cannot for one second say that the ladies behind these blogs aren't amazing, work incredibly hard and push out some smashing content. But I hate that I stopped reading other blogs that I loved. And I hate that I constantly compared my content, when that simply isn't me, and probably never will be.


We can't be 'editorial' all of the time. I used to love sitting down with a cup of tea and a bowl of Shreddies (lol, v glam) in bed every Sunday morning, and just reading about what's happened during the week. What had everyone been up to? What Topshop gem had someone found this week and snapped in their bedroom instead of the middle of Chelsea? What nail polish had not-quite-so-literally saved someone's life?

It makes me quite sad that the focus of blogging seems to now be fully in this 'editorial' world. I miss the days when no one had an 'editorial calendar' and when posts seemed a little more 'on a whim' rather than a full 1 day photoshoot and hours of editing. I'm also mad at myself for being sucked into this and thinking that I needed to make my blog more like that, too.

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When I sat down to think about this today, I think it explains why I've been stuck in the biggest blogging rut for such a long time. I've been trying to meet this 'editorial' style and then always being deflated when I don't meet my own, way-too-high, expectations of something that my blog and photography will never be.

I love clothes. I love going shopping for clothes. I love taking cute photos of myself in said clothes that make me feel good for Instagram. But I will ~never~ be a 'proper' fashion blogger. Fashion just isn't that big of a passion for me. I mean, I've reverted back to taking and editing all of my photos on my phone and so maybe I need to sit down and re-read some of my older posts from when I first started blogging.

Maybe I just need to remind myself of the kind of content that I started out writing this blog for in the first place? Maybe I need to stop looking at all these amazing fashion and beauty blogs, and remember that the 'editorial' look and style isn't my blog, and it isn't me.

Please tell me someone else knows what I mean? ๐Ÿ™ˆ



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