'Lifestyle' blogging; what is it & how do I fit in?

Check any of my social media bio's, and you'll see that I describe myself as a Lifestyle blogger. This used to say 'Fashion & Lifestyle', but lol, I couldn't even tell you when my last fashion post was so I've dropped that for now. But, what even is 'lifestyle' blogging, and what comes under this title?

I feel like it's the most general category of all the blogging categories. If you're a beauty blogger, your main content focus is beauty, if you're fashion, your main content is fashion. If you're a food blogger, it's food. If you're a travel blogger, you blog about travel. But lifestyle? It doesn't really narrow it down or give much away, does it? 

I hadn't really thought about this much until recently. Starting a new job means getting to know a whole bunch of new people, and when someone finds out you have a blog, it's often quite a talking point, with the conversation normally going like this;

Them: Oh, you have a blog? What kind of blog is it?
Me: I'm a lifestyle blogger so I just blog about anything, really. 
Them: Ahh I see. So, like what?
Me: ....

And then I get all stuck because I find it's actually really hard for me to explain what kind of content fits under this category for me. I know there are some lifestyle bloggers that put themselves under this category because they write about a mix of everything; from fashion, to travel, to food, they have it all, so it's much easier to put themselves all under one. 

But for me? I feel like I don't do this either. I don't blog about travel or food or beauty. I write about the things that I've been thinking about. I write about stuff that's been going on in my life or I write about things that I've learned that I feel could be helpful for others.

And I also find, and you may have noticed this, that my blog seems to have little phases. Like, some months everything will be super personal, and others it'll be rather reflectional. Some months there will be fashion posts and others none at all. 

Truthfully? I think this is actually one of the most wonderful things about blogging. You can blog about anything. Your blog is your platform for your content. And while yes, you'll meet bloggers and others that will insist you need to find a niche in order to be any kind of successful, I really don't think that that is the case, and it really shouldn't be, either.

Lifestyle blogging should be just that. A curated mix of the writer/blogger's favourite things, daily activities and interests. And I guess it's therefore natural for a lifestyle blog to change and evolve as we, ourselves grow and go through different stages of our lives and experience different things. We should be the ones to define our blogs and not get so stuck trying to find your niche or putting a label on it.

As a lifestyle, or any other kind of blogger, your niche is you. And I think that's rather special.



  1. It's definitely difficult to describe blogging when people ask. I stil get awkward about it now after a year haha!

    Jaynie Shannon*


  2. I would say a I'm a lifestyle blogger because I blog about several but blogging about my thoughts and reflections are definitely some of my favourite to write! x


  3. I have been into this dilemma too. Whenever they tell me to choose a niche and that Lifestyle blogging is a little too vague, I find it hard since I started blogging for the sole purpose of wanting my thoughts to be shared. I don't want to be caged with something just because it is what others see it fit. It is also the reason why I decided to do freelancing instead of signing another exclusivity contract with my previous publishing house. Yes, I get to publish my work, but before that, I need to revise my manuscript to 'fit' their idea of what is worthy to publish. I mean, I understand them but sometimes it makes no point anymore and the revisions will have to push out my voice in my story. The same as blogging.


  4. You are definitely one of my fave bloggers!

    xx Lisa | lisaautumn.com

  5. It is something that I've definitely thought about recently. Being a lifestyle blogger myself, its hard to describe the content to others, who don't really get it, ha.

    Greetings! Blogoratti

  6. This is what I love about your blog Sophie! There's been several topics you've posted about that I found refreshing to read because so many feel too awkward talking about it. A while back you wrote a post about sex and to personally that's not an awkward topic for me as my mum has always been very open about it. But I've realised that that's not the case for everybody, so I think it's great that you write so openly.

    -Sophie xx
    Cherries & Perfume ♡

  7. great post! I don't even like the idea of picking a category..like you I don't think 'lifestyle' is quite right as I write about anything and everything. But you are so right our blogs are ours and we should write about whatever we want. Forget about the labels and do what feels right. I always enjoy reading what you put out there so please keep doing what you do!


  8. This is really interesting. I always feel frustrated by niches, because I never know where I fit. Although I post pictures of my outfits, I rarely ever talk about them. It's just pretty fodder for my words! A tough one x

    Martha Jane | www.marthajaneedwards.com

  9. I actually think there are loads of different niches inside lifestyle blogging itself. Obviously lifestyle is going to mean different things to us all as we all have different lifestyles :) great post xx