5 European cities I want to visit next year.

Okay, so I know you've probably read that title and thought; 'Soph you've still got half of this year left yet - go this year?' and I know, I so wish I could jet off somewhere in the next few months because goodness knows I could do with a little break from life. However, I want to wait until I'm fully settled  in London, and I also want to save up a little bit for the rest of this year, so that I can experience everywhere properly. Because as my boss noticed the other day, I don't like to do things by halves. If I'm gonna do something, I'mma do it properly.

That doesn't mean I haven't started putting my wishlist together already though! I've never really 'travelled'. I mean, I've been on holiday to beautiful beaches for a week or two, but I've never really explored any of Europe. So, this is what I want to do. I've started to read more travel posts recently, and it's inspired me to think about where I'd love to visit in 2018. 


Paris is somewhere that I've wanted to visit ever since I was about 7 years old, after all the Mary-Kate and Ashley Passport to Paris movie vibes. It's only 2 (and a little bit) hours on the Eurostar, it's the worlds most romantic city, and let's not even get me started on the architecture that I could spend my days wandering around and photographing. 

I also, of course, would like to go (window) shopping, and visit as many local cafe's as possible to sit in the sun, read the newspaper, drink coffee and eat croissants, because apparently they taste better in Paris. I want to stroll around the gardens of the Palace of Fountainebleau, visit The Louvre, The Eiffel Tower, and walk down The Champs-Elysées and do everything else that a tourist should do on their first visti to this beautiful city.


I think every single photo that I've ever seen of Venice has been so beautiful and colourful. I want to take a trip on a gondola or the waterbus (I love boats), I want to visit St Mark's Square and I want to see the Canal Grande in the evening when it's all lit up and looking magical. I want to learn about the rich history of this city and see the Rialto Bridge and then, of course, go find the shops that line both sides of the canal.

I've not visited yet, but Venice just seems like no other city in the world, and it's most definitely on my list of places I have to visit soon.


My flatmate visited Copenhagen at Christmas and oh my, her photo's are so wonderful and you can literally feel the cosiness and hygge oozing out of them at that time of year. Apparently, you don't fully understand hygge until you've visited Copenhagen, so this is definitely up there on my reasons to visit this city.

I want to go visit the harbour (again, boats.), and experience the city from the water as well as on a bike, because well, if I'm going to explore a city on a bicycle, it's going to be here or Amsterdam, right? I want to photograph the castles and the museums, the old streets and all of the historical buildings I can find, and just really experience the culture here. The people of Copenhagen are the happiest people in the world, so I'm gonna go make some friends and figure out their secret!


Being the architectural lover and geek that I am, Milan would be like my own little heaven. From The Duomo (Milan's gothic cathedral) with it's 135 spires and 500 years in the making, the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, or the Piazza dei Mercanti, I'm 100% sure I'd love this city and would come back with thousands more photo's than I'd care to admit.

Oh, and obviously I'd go shopping too. Not sure I could visit one of the top fashion capitals of the world and not go shopping.


My PT (lol, remember when I had one of those?!) went to Amsterdam last year, and all he came back saying was how amazing all of the sweet treats were and how much he'd eaten on his trip, and to be quite honest, I was already sold just from this. Like most of the cities I've mentioned, I'd head straight to the canal and take a canal cruise as it's meant to be one of the best ways to see the city. 

I've always been fascinated with the story of Anne Frank, so I want to make sure that I make time to visit the Anne Frank house as well as take in and learn about as much of the city's history as I can. Amsterdam is known for it's artistic heritage and charming atmosphere, and while I would obviously spend a lot of time exploring, I think this is one city that I'd also be happy finding a wonderful coffee shop and watch the world go by.

I may be a little optimistic in wanting to visit all of these places in one year, but even if I get to see just a few next year, I'll be a very happy gal.

Where in the world would you like to explore?



  1. All lovely picks and all that I'd highly recommend!!! Paris has such wonderful (but expensive haha oops) cafes dotted around in Le Marais when I was there in May - I loved it :) Well I am heading to Japan this weekend (!) but would love to make it to Marrakech next! Or Israel! And Iceland! HAHA THE LIST IS GROWING

    Cherie✿ sinonym

  2. All of these destinations look wonderful <3 My brother went on inter-railing round Europe a few years back and had an absolute ball, since seeing all his amazing snaps and stories, I have always been so tempted to do one myself! Croatia looked particularly beaut. I have been to Paris and Amsterdam, but I am also desperate to visit Copenhagen, just for the hygge alone! Also, I reckon you should add Bruges to your list if you haven't been before - it is probably one of the prettiest, most fairytale-esque places I have ever visited! Immy x


  3. So many wonderful destinations. I have visited Amsterdam before and I just adored it, it was so fun and walking around the canals is just beautiful. The Anne Frank house was also so unbelievably moving. Paris is also on my wishlist, I have visited France so many times but haven't managed to pay a visit to the city yet!

    Abbi | www.SimplyAbbi.com

  4. Girl! I can't believe how similar my travel list is to yours, I've been to Paris once but really want to experience it again, and Venice & Copenhagen are both at the top of my list too! xxx


  5. Amsterdam is so so beautiful!! I went a few years ago on a school trip and the history and culture of the place is just so so fascinating. I'm also desperate to see Paris and Copenhagen as well!! Emilia xx


  6. I honestly so hope you get to travel to some of these because then I can lust over all your architecture-y shots on Insta! I really want to visit Copenhagen too, and doing it in Winter sounds fab

    Steph - www.nourishmeblog.co.uk

  7. Ahh I really enjoyed this post, because you actually gave such lovely reasons for wanting to visit them all! I feel so lucky to have been able to visit Venice this year, it was definitely a unique experience! It's so much more run down and a little shabbier than you think from the beautiful photos but I think that is what makes it beautiful if that makes sense? I booked flights to Copenhagen last week so am going at the end of August, so excited! xo

  8. Love this post, what a great 5!! I went to Paris last year and would go back in a heartbeat, also desperate to visit Venice and go on a gondola x


  9. These are all definitely on my wanderlust list... I loved the way you pieced the post together too by the way!

    Heather, Heather McKnight

  10. Amsterdam is the prettiest city! We had so much fun there just strolling around the canal-lined streets and taking loads of photos. I would totally move there if my Dutch was any good. You should definitely go! And make sure to visit the Van Gogh museum. It's definitely a must-see!

  11. All these destinations look so beautiful. I'd love to visit Copenhagen and go back to Amsterdam again but this year, for me, is all about coastal places. I'm desperate to visit the Algarve in Portugal and I'd really like to go to Menorca again too. I went once when I was a kid but I've seen so many pictures of it recently that I'd love to go back and explore as an adult. I hope you do get to go to all these place next year and have the most amazing time!

    Emma | Paper Planes and Caramel Waffles

  12. All great places. Copenhagen is on my list too. I went to Amsterdam last year, I wanted to visit for the longest time and it was worth the wait. It's so beautiful, incredible food and so many things to do. I definitely want to go back again and explore more. Reykjavik, Berlin and Stockholm are also on my list of European cities I'd love to visit.