Rimmel London: Super Gel Nails

Rimmel London: Super Gel Nails

I want to start this post by simply telling you how much I ADORE this product. 

I've somehow managed to get myself on a few PR lists, and every so often some of their new releases will drop through my letterbox. When they do, I'll post them on Instagram or maybe do a tweet, but I've never dedicated a whole blog post to any of them, as I'm not obliged to and I've never loved anything enough to. Until now. 

I'm a self-confessed nail fanatic. I can't go about my day with shit nails. Ever since I've had a full time job, getting my nails done has been a regular treat. And because I hate it when nail polish chips (it literally drives me insane), for the past few years, I've more often than not always opted for gel nails. 

But sometimes, I find there's a week or two in between me having to take my gels off, and getting back to the salon for a fresh set. And because, like I say, nail polish drives me crazy with how easy it chips, I've tried numerous gel polishes and even invested in my own UV lamp to try. None of them though, have compared to these new Rimmel London Super Gel polishes.

Okay, so. What's so great about them?

1. No need for a base coat. | When I read this on the instructions, I was a little dubious. I've always been told a base coat is a must, and I almost just put one on anyway. But it's true, you really don't need one. And when you think about it, not only is this less fiddly, but it basically saves you a third of the time.

2. The colours are fab. | I opted for the Purple Splash one, as it just feels super summery and light for the wonderful weather we're having at the mo. I was lucky enough to be sent 5 of their polishes, but a quick browse of their website and you can see that they actually have 25 of them! The red one is definitely next on my list. 

3. It's v quick drying. | The other thing I hate about painting my own nails normally, is the length of time you have to sit there doing nothing because they just never, ever seem to dry! I did these half an hour before I had to jump in my car, and there's not a single smudge in sight. I probably left about 60 seconds in between each coat, and it was most definitely plenty of time!

4. No need for a UV lamp. | You don't need to invest in your own UV lamp for these. You simply apply 2 coats of the colour polish, and then one of the top coat, and you're good to go!

5. It actually lasts. | I'm super impressed with how long these last - I'm still chip free. This never happens to me with regular nail polish, normally I can get a few hours if I'm lucky!

Well, there you have it. I've basically just declared my love for a nail polish. Don't judge. But do go & grab this if you're looking for a gel nail polish that lasts. Highly recommended!


(P.S I swear this isn't a sponsored post. T's just a PR sample that was sent to me with no obligations, but one that I just loved too much not to share!)


  1. Ahh I've just cleared out my nail varnish collection but now I really want to give these a try! xo

  2. You've sold these to me, I must have them in my life!

    Lucy | Forever September

  3. I love the rimmel gel nail polishes! This one is a gorgeous colour xx

    -Sophie | Cherries & Perfume ♡

  4. You flatlays give me life! Welldone dear