How I've started to get my inspiration and creativity back (again!).

Oh man, creative slumps are the worst, aren't they? That feeling of really ~really~ wanting to write or create something but your brain just having none of it. Of being sat in front of your computer for hours trying to think of something, anything. And then eventually conceding defeat and resorting to going back to just scrolling through social media for the rest of the afternoon instead. The thing is, the more you try and get out of a creative slump, the harder it seems.

I seem to have been there a lot recently, and you may have noticed blog posts over here have been totally sporadic. It's kinda just been when a tiny, little bit of inspo has hit me I've written it down straight away so as to not lose it. But, if there's one thing that hasn't changed, it's my love for blogging, and the determination to not give up.

I've had a little more time over the last week or so to work on my blog, and I've been trying a few things to see if I can get those creative juices flowing again, and it seems to have worked! I'm typing this with 5 other blog posts all set and ready to go live... I'm never this far ahead of myself!

So, here's what I've been up to to get that inspiration and creativity back.

R E D E F I N I N G.

You may have noticed (probs not), that the categories at the top of my home page have changed a little. And this was after I sat down with myself with a notebook and pen, and tried to think about what exactly it is that I want to blog about.

What do I enjoy writing about? What content has done well before? What do I want to do with my blog and what do I want to bring to the blogosphere through my content? 

Really narrowing this down, and then putting everything into categories, has really worked and helped me focus. And in turn, this new found focus has helped when thinking of new ideas and getting started on writing posts.

A  C L E A N S E.

I've decluttered my work space, decluttered my desktop and computer, and decluttered some of the blogs that I follow. I find a good tidy and clear out really therapeutic, whether that's of the flat or of a digital kind.

It may sound weird, but I felt so motivated after I'd cleared out my room & my wardrobe, I think it's the whole 'tidy room, tidy mind' thing, right? I also found having a good cleanse of my computer made me feel a lot better, too - I got rid of everything I didn't need to help me focus again.

And finally, I had a cleanse of blogs. I have so many blogs in my bloglovin' feed and saved in my favourites that I just never read anymore. So now, I just have the ones that really inspire me. The ones who's content I adore and who make me want to be a better blogger! (But, that's not to say I'm not open to finding new ones, because I've found a few of those recently too, and I love them just as much.)


Taking photos. Just because. With no particular blog post in mind or reason for them. I'm a firm believer that the more you create, the more ideas you have. So just create something. I started out by just arranging flatlays and seeing what worked. My first ones were terrible, but then I got back into the swing of it and before I knew it I had loads of photos to work with.

I'd already decided the kind of aesthetic I want to work with on my blog, so I tried to stick to this as I was taking these photos, so that I could then use them on my blog when the content ideas finally arrived. It worked a treat!

And now we're here. I am under no illusion that this bout of inspiration will stay around forever. But I'm most definitely going to try and make the most of it while I can!

F E A T U R E D 

This phone case is a City Marble case from CaseCompany - and as soon as the email dropped into my inbox, I fell in love with the idea. This idea being that you can design your own phone case, using a map of somewhere that you love. The map design is totally customisable, so you can zoom out to whole cities, or zoom in to particular streets. You can have different colours and you can add your own text and labels too.

If you don't already know, I fell in love with Liverpool when I first moved here over 3 years ago, and ever since then it's captured my heart like no other city. So, of course, I chose to have Liverpool on mine. I positioned it perfectly so that I can point out all of my favourite parts and streets, and I actually chose not to have the label on it - I just felt it was all the more personal, then. No one will really know that it's Liverpool at a glance apart from me. And well, you lot now. ;)

You can also choose what kind of case you would like, from hard or soft cases, transparent or full print or even flip cases. I opted for the full print case, and it fits my phone like a glove. It's really thin and doesn't make my phone feel too clunky like some cases do - it's perfect.

In case you haven't guessed, I love it. And I think it's such a wonderful idea - being able to take somewhere special to you around with you every day!


The phone case was kindly gifted to me by Case Company, however all words, images and opinions are my own. For my full disclaimer, please click here.


  1. I love the idea of having a phone case that means something extra to you - it's such a nice touch to not get Liverpool labelled on it as well, I think. I was feeling really uncreative earlier today but needed to get some photos taken, and having a tidy up and mini clear out in my office honestly helped so much!

    Steph -

    1. Thank you, Steph! I love personal things so I really loved it :) I'm so glad having a good old tidy helped you too! xx

  2. I've been feeling the EXACT same way about my blog lately! I have all these vague ideas of ideas but when I sit down to flesh them out I have no motivation. I did hit a little creative streak after I cleaned out my closet so maybe I just need to do that again...

    1. Haha yes! That's been exactly me. I have so many posts sat in my drafts just half finished. I'd definitely try it - I don't know why, but it certainly helps :) x

  3. Having a good clear out always helps to spark my motivation! I always think about that quote.. a tidy room, tidy mind.. there's something defo in it!


    1. There really is - and it's such a strange concept when you think about it haha! xx

  4. There's literally nothing better than a cleanse when you're feeling in a rut! xxx

  5. I love this post and can totally relate. I love your idea of just taking photographs with nothing in mind and just seeing what it inspires. I'll have to try that!

    Amy //

  6. I love this post, it's inspired me to to write a post (don't worry no copying) But I've blogged very irregularly for nearly 4 years and recently I've had a massive wave of intense creativity and have so many post lined up! It's just such an amazing feeling and I too always seem to take flatlays in my spare time with no intention but just knowing they'll fit and add imagery to a post, it's just so fun to do!