Take yourself on your own adventures.

If you follow me over on Instagram, you may have seen snap shots from my little day trip to Wales over the Easter Weekend. I'd realised that I had no plans for Saturday, and when I spotted that it was meant to be the nicest day of the holidays, I last minute decided that I needed to do something.

So, at 9pm on Friday evening, I was scrolling through hashtags on Instagram and trying to figure out where I should go. I'd already considered heading back to Caernarfon, as I used to have a lovely client there from my old job, and so every April for 3 years, I'd drive over and spend 2 weeks in this lovely little town. And part of me had kinda missed it last year. So that was when I decided to make a quick stop at Bangor pier along the way, and then head right up to the very edge of Anglesey to South Stack to see the light house, and made an unintentional stop (I was literally only looking for somewhere to stop for a wee and got a bit lost) at Llanfairwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysilogogogoch.

It's just taken me about 5 minutes to type that correctly, never mind say it.

Anywho, as I was updating you all (obvs) through my Instagram stories, I had loads of people, both guys and girls, DM'ing me to say how they loved that I'd just taken myself off on my own, and that they don't think they could ever do something like that. And my response to each of those messages was, of course you could.

Just because you don't have someone else to take you, doesn't mean you can't take yourself on your own adventures.

When I sat down to write this, I realised that I mean this in more ways than exploring new places. I guess you can apply the sentiment to anything in general life. You wouldn't find it acceptable to wait for a significant other before you did something with your career, or before you moved into a different flat, or before you went on holiday.

For the last 5 years or so, I've been the most independent gal ever. Since moving out of my Mum & Dad's and into my own little flat, I've never had to depend on anyone for anything. And it's truly the best feeling. Knowing that you can do anything on your own, from picking yourself back up again when you're feeling like crap or if you've had the worst day, to taking yourself for coffee, or even dinner if you really fancy it, is simply great. And the second you realise that you've got this, it's really quite liberating.

I've talked before about how I'm a total introvert, and so maybe that's why I love taking myself off sometimes and why spending time on my own is some of my favourite time. You don't need anyone to do anything with; if you want to do something and feel like you can, you should do it.

I can't even tell you how much I enjoyed my little Wales adventure. I was able to explore wherever I wanted, whenever I wanted. I loved being able to stop and just take photographs to my hearts content. To go from one place to another on my own schedule, and even being able to sit on the edge of the cliff, breathing in the sea air and just thinking about life and clearing my head a little was pure bliss, and a welcome luxury compared to the busyness of normal life. 

I also climbed up a big rock, helped someone's Nanna who'd lost the rest of her family, and made friends with a 6 year old girl called Sophie, who was fascinated that we had the same name when I stopped to offer to take a photo for her Mum & Dad so everyone could be in it (the Dad's selfie skills were leaving something to be desired, so I felt like I needed to step in!). 

Here's what I've always believed;

It's not fair, realistic or healthy to expect one person to fulfill all of our needs and to make us happy. Yes, our partners and closest friends make us better people. They should complement us and challenge us and make us laugh, but putting your happiness in the hands of others is dangerous and most probably the easiest way to land yourself in a world of disappointment and hurt.

'If you're putting plans on hold until you find a co-pilot, you may just be waiting forever.'

Instead, let's just do the stuff we love anyway, take ourselves on our own adventures and realise that we're capable and independent enough to do just that.

You'll love it, trust me.



  1. Yesss I couldn't agree more with this :) I'm an introvert too so I definitely enjoy doing stuff or going somewhere on my own as well. It's just that sometimes social anxiety makes me feel like I can't do things by myself even though I really want to. I'm working on it tough because like you said being independent and having your own little adventures is amazing x

  2. I love love love the sentiment behind this post Soph! I also bloody love Anglesey (was actually there this weekend myself!) and these photos are amazing x
    Sophie Cliff

  3. I think this is the best thing I have read in SO long. I'm completely guilty of relying on other people, but maybe it's time to venture out on my own xx

    Claire | rose-tinted.com

  4. I have to admit, I'm a little rubbish at visiting places by myself! Good for you x


  5. I think it's great that you took yourself off on your own little trip, I think eveyrone should do it! I go away a lot with my partner but I have no issue just having a mooch or visiting somewhere new by myself. Like you, I'm a bit of an introvert and sometimes just prefer being by myself, being able to do my own thing, at my own pace.

    It sounds like you had a lovely time and your photos are absolutely gorgeous!x

  6. Yes soph! I love going off and doing things by myself! Xxx

  7. I love it that you went on your own trip to Wales. It sounds lovely there! :)


  8. I love this so much and 100% agree! We shouldn't feel silly doing things alone. Being alone with yourself and your thoughts can be so healthy x

  9. Gorgeous photos! I agree its definitely a great idea to go on adventures on your own, I like the freedom and independence of being able to explore at your own pace :D it's a great feeling!



  10. Yessss I love the meaning of this post. Firstly you went to one my fav places in Wales, Angelsey. There's a really cool SUP company here that I want to do a SUP & camp with. Secondly I'm travelling down to Pembrokeshire in May to go to a retreat on my own. I'm so excited about getting some me time. I've a partner and we do loads of stuff together like Italy at the beginning of May but alone time is so appealing too. I'm even taking a walking course in Capel Curing in June on my own. I'm a tad nervous but at the same time positively enthused about the possibilities along the way.

  11. Such a great post as always Sophie! I never think to take myself on my own adventures or trips, but actually its a flipping good idea! Looks like such a lovely location as well.

    Lucy | Forever September

  12. Loved this! Your right we shouldn't wait for others,as we may end up waiting forever:)

  13. Lovely post, Sophie! Traveling alone is something Ive learned to enjoy myself. For so long, there was so may things I didn't do and places I didn't visit because I didn't have anyone to go with, but now I quite often do it by myself, even if its just a day trip or a stroll around the city.

  14. I love this and couldn't agree more. I'm more than happy to amuse myself for a weekend, going for day trips and outings wherever I fancy without needing to depend on anyone else. I enjoy travelling with others, but I don't need them to have a good time!
    Jennifer x
    Ginevrella | Wellbeing & Lifestyle

  15. YES I LOVE THIS! I have become so much more independent (I always was I guess but maybe confident is the right word) since I have been on my year abroad in Germany and I love taking myself on little adventures now. Love your co pilot quote!! Your photos look beautiful, Wales isn't somewhere I have really had the chance to explore all that much! xo

  16. I absolutely love the message of this post and you are so right! You seem like such a down to earth kinda gal and I love reading your blog x


  17. I SO need to do this more. Especially as I've gone part time from work and I don't want to waste my days off as the weather gets better!