An unplanned blog hiatus.

Image credit: used with permission from Stylizimo 

An unplanned blog hiatus.

It's been over 2 weeks since I've posted any kind of content here on, and if I'm honest, I can't quite figure out how I feel about it. I've spent the last few days catching up on about 5 weeks worth of emails, and a clear inbox is now making me feel a little less anxious.

The thing is, it's not like I planned to take a blogging break, and the fact that I still hadn't got a post up was in the back of my mind every single day, and every day I've been trying to think of new blog ideas that I could write and post.

Unfortunately, the creative part of my brain has been having none of it.

And I've tried everything, from discovering and reading new blogs, to scrolling for hours through Pinterest, to going back through my own, old posts, but even taking myself for walks in the sunshine and taking millions of photo's hasn't done the trick, and that normally always inspires me in some way!

So, here we are. Still not feeling particularly inspired but really, really wanting to be. The frustrating thing is, that just a few weeks ago I was feeling totally inspired, with a real idea of what I wanted to do with my blog, and ideas floating around like there was no tomorrow. And then life got in the way a little and now I'm completely out of the flow.

And I know that that's all it is. That all I need to do is to get back into writing and creating stuff, and the more that I write, the more idea's I'll have again. It's definitely not a case of not having any photo's or imagery either, as I have photo's coming out of my ears that are just waiting to be utilised in a blog post in some way.

I guess this is the purpose of this post. To remind myself that I'm still, actually fully capable of writing words on a screen and I'm not completely failing at all this online content creation thing. And hopefully, it'll make me want to write some more!

I posted how I was feeling on Instagram yesterday, and it's always reassuring to know that I'm never the only one that goes through phases like this. A lot of you guys suggested I give myself a proper little break and stop beating myself up over it, so maybe I need to do just that? :)



  1. I have exactly the same thing - I have so many ideas and things I want to write about and then I suddenly have no clue what to write about and I just can't seem to finish a post. Sometimes I think it's nice to take a small break x


  2. Yes! Definitely have a proper break! Take some time and write when you're ready! xxx

  3. I can definitely relate to this post, and I'm sure most people have felt a similar way at some point, it's okay! I've still been coming back to check on your blog and reading through some of your older posts. Still in love with your entire blog atmosphere! I so wish I could have this sort of feel on my blog, I'm not even sure what my blog feels like to readers.

    Anyways, I'll still be waiting for you to come back to blogging, take your time! xx

    Cherries & Perfume

  4. Sometimes taking a break is a good thing, just gives you some time to properly think and get your creative juices flowing again - hope you manage to find some inspiration soon!

    Lucy | Forever September