How to get out of living in a 'I'll be happy when...' mindset.

image credit: used with permission from Nina Holst, Stylizimo.

How to get out of living in a 'I'll be happy when...' mindset.

I'll be happy when I have the job that I want.
I'll be happy when I can have a walk-in wardrobe.
I'll be happy when I hit xx followers on Instagram.
I'll be happy when I can buy a new car.
I'll be happy when I lose some weight.
I'll be happy when I have that Pinterest inspired home office.

I'm fully guilty of living in a 'I'll be happy when...' mindset. I'm constantly looking at things that I want, thinking about things that I'd like to achieve, or watching others do things that seemingly have made them happy and thinking that if I can do or have that, then I'll be happy, too.

We all think about the future a lot. I mean, we kinda have to. And focusing on what you want isn't a bad thing, in fact it's pretty bloomin' essential and it's a way that we can keep our eye on our goals and ambitions and help us do some pretty amazing things. However, thinking too much about our 'ideal' lives, can sometimes just leave us exhausted and constantly unsatisfied.

So, here are a few little ways to live in the present a little more.

A p p r e c i a t e  w h a t  y o u  h a v e.

This probably sounds pretty obvious, but taking a little time each day to sit and appreciate what you have, instead of lusting after what you don't, can really help you to realise that you may be closer to your goals than you think. Recognising all that we have to be grateful for, is something that I'm not sure we do enough, and it might just be the key to living a little happier.

D o  w h a t  y o u  l o v e  o n  a  d a i l y  b a s i s.

If you're not doing something that you love, of course you're going to be thinking about something else. Quite often, we think that before we can do something that we love, we have to have reached some kind of personal or career goal. But, this simply isn't the case.

Ensuring that we're doing something that interests us all the time, we're enjoying our time now and creating new experiences, that may end up helping us in the future anyway! We're not thinking about how we may be enjoying our time in the future 'if' we manage to do something else.

D e c i d e  t o  b e  h a p p y  n o w.

Shift your focus from the future and bring it back to the present.  Turn your 'I'll be happy when..' into a 'I'm happy now.'


Well, we're all in control of our own happiness, right? I read something once that said, what if the reason we're happier now, is because we decided to be. How powerful would that be?

Do you find yourself living in a 'I'll be happy when...' mindset?



  1. I'm such a sucker for being in an 'I'll be happy when' mindset and it really does make me feel worse. This post is such a good reminder that if we're always thinking like that then we might never actually appreciate the moment and feel happy in it

    Steph -

  2. I needed this today soph! Thank you! xxx

  3. I'm definitely guilty of having that mindset. It's something I'm trying to work on at the moment though and I feel like I've gotten a lot better at it these past few weeks - step by step I'm learning to find happiness in the present x


  4. Amen, I am a bad person for this, in fact I am such a negative person now days I actually dislike myself but it's so hard to pull yourself out of it, I should start with being grateful for things!

  5. This is such a good message - I'm so guilty of doing this, waiting to be 'happy' when really I should appreciate what I have now and live in the moment!

    Lucy | Forever September

  6. I'm definitely guilty of this too, and whilst I am trying to get out of this mindset, it is incredibly difficult! I've been working hard to do things I love, and enjoy the here and now, rather than always looking to the future to make me happy. Hopefully I will get there soon! xo

  7. I'm terrible for the whole I'll be happy when... mindset. I think focusing on everything we have in our lives to be grateful for really helps x


  8. This is such a lovely post! We have been doing this so much over the past few years, just really focusing on all the wonderful things in front of us and making sure to be thankful for every second of everyday. But it's awesome to be reminded of it for days when sometimes goals that we may be trying to achieve take a little time. :) Thank you for sharing! xxx

  9. I totally agree. I hate that mindset and do my best not to be in it!

    xx Lisa