Hair care, treatment and a little change with Sassoon & Metquarter.

Hair care, hair treatment, and a little change with Sassoon Salon and Metquarter

I've never been one to do much with my hair. A quick shampoo, condition and towel dry was about as much as I used to do with it. I was never concerned with how healthy my hair was, or the products that I was using. And to be quite honest, I'd go years without visiting a hair dresser. But the guys at Sassoon have really changed my opinion and my approach to my hair. After all, as they quite rightly pointed out, we all skin care routines, so why should we not create one to look after our hair, too?

So, before I get into details about my visit a few weeks ago, I just wanted to touch on a few products I was so, so kindly gifted as I left.

T h e  p r o d u c t s

First up, was this really cute heart shaped gift set which includes a travel sized Illuminating Shampoo and Conditioner, as well as a Heat Shape styling protection spray. I was also given a full sized version of the heat styling protection spray as well as the Illuminating oil (I think this was after I accidentally admitted that I don't use any products on my hair before blow drying or straightening my hair, and I think Jon was a little mortified!)

The one thing I love about these products is that they are SO light. I've briefly used a heat protection spray before, and it just felt all sticky and not very pleasant. The Sassoon spray is totally different though. And the illuminating oil is described as a multi-protection primer for your hair. Again, this is a really light product, that not only helps to protect your hair, but really gives it a boost in terms of shine and softness. I've been using this over the last few weeks and I genuinely love it and have noticed a real difference. Oh, and it's got almond oil in it so it smells divine!

And lastly, is the colour save shampoo and conditioner. On my last visit, I was gifted the hydrating conditioner and smoothen shampoo from the same range, as this was really what my hair needed at the time. However, it seems to have done the job as Jon didn't seem to think I needed those anymore! 

This is one of the things I love about Sassoon - they really tailor your experience to you.

T h e  t r e a t m e n t  &  m y  v i s i t  

So, a few weeks ago, I was invited back to their Liverpool Salon in Metquarter, to try out their new Prestige Cut & Care Service, which includes a personalised cut, a tailored treatment (depending on your hair needs) and a choice of two take home products. Sounds amazing, right?

I was mostly looked after by the Salon Director, Jon, who has been amazing and fabulous each time I've popped in. In fact, the whole team there are so friendly and welcoming, I've genuinely loved my visits. After a quick initial chat and consultation, we decided that the best treatment for my hair would be the repair treatment, mainly because the end of my hair in particular was a little dry and damaged. 

The treatment involved a head massage from one of the team too, which felt amazing and had me so relaxed I was most definitely close to falling asleep in the chair. Then, I was passed back over to Jon for the cut and style part of my visit. He asked me what I wanted, and while I wanted to keep the length, I wasn't over fussed. So, we decided to not do anything too drastic, but play around with adding a fringe in - and even then, Jon had so many different ideas around what would suit me, that I felt whatever he did, it would be totally fine.

T h e  r e s u l t

I came out of the salon feeling like my hair had genuinely had a total refresh. It felt smoother and softer, and even though it was only a little change by adding a fringe, I absolutely loved it.

I cannot tell you how friendly the whole team are Sassoon, no matter whether I've been a paying client or there as a blogger (I've been both!), the service is fabulous, and they've totally convinced and converted me into a girl who takes as much care of her hair now as her skin!

Have you ever visited a Sassoon Salon?



  1. I've never visited one of their salons but I do love a good repair treatment! My salon uses olaplex which I'd really recommend!
    Alsooo your fringe looks gorgeous. xx

  2. Your hair looks gorgeous Sophie - I never visit salon's but I'd actually really love to, feel like it'd be a really relaxing experience!

    Lucy | Forever September