2 things to get you through anything: Hope & Faith.

Having hope & faith that things will be just fine, is sometimes everything you need to keep you going.

There's a street in The Georgian Quarter of Liverpool called Hope Street. And a lot of people say that it got it's name because there are 2 Cathedrals that sit at either end; The Metropolitan Cathedral (pictured above), and The Liverpool/Anglican Cathedral (just about pictured below) - and so Hope Street is the street that connects the two. 

I've actually recently learned that it was, in fact, named after a chap called William Hope who had a house on the corner. But I like the first story better, don't you?

Hope is a funny thing; because like dreams and faith and anything else that involves some sort of belief, you can't see it. But boy, is it necessary sometimes, right? 

From taking risks that you're not entirely sure how they're going to pan out, to trying to deal with situations and past events, hoping and believing that you're going to get through it all, that you're strong enough to cope, and having to just have faith that everything will be okay, is something that can really stop us all from giving up. I know it's proved essential for me in the last few years or so.

They say that letting go of things is often the way forward and the way to move on, but sometimes hope & faith are two things that you just need to hold on to for the sake of your own sanity. And, I guess it's similar to the belief that changing the way you think can change your attitude and outlook on life.

Think positively and you'll feel much better. Your mind will always believe everything that you tell it. So, feed it with hope, and provide yourself with a constant reminder. For me, it's my tattoo. I have the tiniest tattoo of a little cross on the inside of my right wrist. It's somewhere that I can see this little symbol of faith and belief every day, and you have no idea how much this little self-reminder has helped me through, some days.

And I don't think that it always has to be anything huge that you feel like you're fighting to turn to hope. It could just be little things like 'I hope this bad day gets better for me.', or 'I really hope that I still have that emergency chocolate in the cupboard' - because lets face it, chocolate can turn any bad day into a good one, right?



  1. I love this and this couldn't be more true for me at the moment! Having hope and faith is so important - although it can sometimes be difficult to find when you're feeling particularly low. Love the little stories about the name of the street too. I wonder who William Hope was? That's a pretty cool name haha! xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

  2. Love this post Soph. Hope and faith are the two things that have got me and my family through an incredibly difficult time recently xxx
    Sophie Cliff

  3. I agree, hope kind of keeps you sane when there is so much happening in the world and in your own life :)


  4. Such a lovely, well written post - having hope is something I've always believed in, just keep your head held high and hope for the best in all situations!

    Lucy | Forever September

  5. I have so much love for you and your blog posts soph <3 <3 <3 xxx

  6. I need to get that shot of the Anglican cathedral! Loved this post as always x

    Hannah Rose - thiswomanrose.wordpress.com