Sometimes, you just need to get up & dress up.

Get up & dress up.

I was never really 'into fashion' when I was younger. I mean, I always made sure I looked what my Mum would always call 'presentable', but I was never really particularly bothered by what hung in my wardrobe. Now however, I feel like I've developed my own little 'style', and clothes have become a way of expressing myself, but also making myself feel better.

For once, I'm not actually talking about retail therapy (although that almost always certainly helps), but I mean, in the way that my outfit can totally change my mood. If I know I have a busy day of meetings and a huge to-do list waiting for me at work, I'll always make sure I dress a little smarter than my normal jeans and trainers. Because if I feel smart, it makes me think that I can work a little smarter.

Or, if I wake up and feel a little crap, I know that if I dress up a little, I'm more likely to feel a lot better and more motivated to take on the day than if I was to wallow in my joggers and a hoodie. In my head, if I make an effort with my outfit, I'm going to make an effort with my day,

S t a r t  a s  y o u  m e a n  t o  g o  o n,  a n d  a l l  t h a t.

I've recently been trying to have regular clear outs of my wardrobe. Mainly, because I have way too many clothes, but also because I'm still set on eventually having a more minimal wardrobe, filled only with classic pieces that I can wear year after year. 

This outfit includes a few of my favourites of those; knee high boots, a white roll neck jumper, and a black wool trench (similar here). I really love the classic feel of this outfit, and yes, this was one of those 'I need to girl-boss the shit out of today, I need an outfit to match', mornings.

I feel like this beaut of a black quilted bag from Marc B bags kinda finishes my outfit, with it's Chanel like vibes, you can't really go wrong. It's spacious inside, too, which is a mega bonus when I generally need to fit at least my purse, an umbrella (oh hey, British weather), and my camera inside, amongst all of the other useless stuff that I like to carry around with me all day.

Can I also just quickly mention these knee high boots. They're from Dune (similar here), and oh my goodness, are most definitely one of my favourite ever investments. If I'm not in my black skinny jeans, I'm in these boots. I love, love, love walking around the office or town in these!

This is probably one of my favourite outfits I've put together recently. I felt comfortable and confident, and it definitely helped to keep me in a good mindset throughout a very busy day.

Do you have a go-to 'get up and dress up' outfit?


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  1. This is such a good mind set, I have so many nice clothes that I never wear and always end up in the same jeans and hoodie...maybe I should dress up and it'll help me kick ass?! xx

    Hannah - This Woman Rose

  2. I've always felt a need to be "properly" dressed every day, no matter what I'm doing. Sure, this sometimes means jeans and a t-shirt, but my friends have commented on me always looking put together even on the most casual of days! I definitely feel more productive when I'm well dressed - I'm so much more likely to get up and out than to sit around the flat. I also have a few favourite outfits for work for those days I need a little extra confidence and motivation!
    Jennifer x
    Ginevrella | Lifestyle Blog

  3. Yes soph! You look bloomin gorgeous lady! Xxx

  4. hello,ciao Sophie...nice photos and this fabolous outfit make shinning your Charisma...cheers!

  5. Whenever I'm feeling really crap one day, I find dressing up a little better/smarter can really help me to feel a bit better!

    Lucy | Forever September