A fascination with space.

Have I ever told you guys this?

I have a secret fascination with astronomy. If you told me that I could do anything before I die (and I was feeling brave enough), I would absolutely visit space. I've always found the idea of the universe incredibly captivating, and it's a subject that I'm forever wanting to learn more about. Our universe is incomprehensibly huge. I mean, everything exists within it. All matter, time, and space. It's something that I don't think we'll ever get our heads around just how big it really is.

And our universe is still expanding, right? But what is it expanding into if the universe is everything? More universe? Nothing? Some stuff we know nothing about? And before we even get to that, what about the parts of the universe that haven't been revealed to us by light, yet? What's still outside of our observable limit? I mean, it's probably forever unreachable by humans, but it's still over there, right? And the extremely inquisitive part of me really wants to know.

And then there's just us. A tiny planet in comparison to what's out there and we exist here, and now. Out of all the 13 billion years it's been around, of all the planets and galaxies, we're here. It's something that genuinely baffles my brain, and I find it exciting how little we know about it all as a human race.

And this, is all a very long introduction and explanation as to why, when I spotted this t-shirt in Primark a few months ago for about a fiver, I knew I had to have it. It's not my usual style of outfit, but when these are the kind of questions that whizz through my brain on a daily basis, I instantly loved it.



  1. I find this all so interesting too! It's sooo fascinating! (#secretnerds) xx

  2. I always wonder about all of this too! It sends my head a bit crazy thinking about it and wondering what's really out there x

  3. I always have these thoughts! Such an interesting subject, which my mind can't even comprehend!

    Hannah | Oh January

  4. I love you thoughts here and I can totally relate to you :)

    xx Lisa

  5. I'm terrified of space! The movie passengers and gravity scared me! xx

  6. I loved the long introduction. I'm glad I'm not alone in asking all of these question. Nothing fascinates me more than space and what is out there...Something we'll probably never fully know. Cute T btw. :)

    Samio x