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Hello, you! I'm Soph - a 22 year old girl currently living in Liverpool, spending most of her time writing, taking photo's, drinking coffee & trying not to eat too much cake.

Cohorted Beauty Box - May Edition.

Cohorted Beauty Box - May Edition

The Cohorted Beauty Box is a monthly subscription box, filled with a gorgeous selection of beauty picks in the most beautiful of packaging (who doesn't love good packaging?!). When the PR email first dropped into my inbox, as always, the first thing I did was have a good ol' nosey on their website (which is just as beautifully branded as their boxes!), and it's on here I found their list of brands and partners that they work with.

With these including Dior, Bobbi Brown, Clarins, bareMinerals and SO many others (full list here), I knew that this box was not only going to pretty varied, but it was also going to be pretty good!

So, here's a quick run down of what was included in the May edition!

L O E W E  A U R A  B O D Y  L O T I O N

This was the first item that I pulled out from the box and oh my goodness, I can't tell you how amazing this smells. The lotion is actually of quite a thinner consistency than I would expect from most body lotions, and I actually made a bit of a mess when I first squeezed some onto my hand because it all came out so quickly! Luckily though, it does absorb really quickly into the skin and it didn't leave me feeling greasy.

From my first impressions, I love this product. It smells incredible and the fragrance softly lingers for hours. Oh, and it looks super pretty!

V I T A  L I B E R A T A |  L U X U R Y  T A N  M I N E R A L S  B R O N Z E R.

I'm probably one of the palest gals in Liverpool, and so I live for my bronzer, most days. I'm not one for using fake tan, so bronzer is often my little compromise to help give my skin a little extra glow. Now, this product is meant to do both, and leave you with a long lasting, self tan result that lasts for up to 5 days. Sounds pretty bloomin' awesome to me!

At the time of writing this, I haven't actually had the chance to try this out yet, as I'm giving my skin a little break from make up at the mo, BUT I am excited to see the results of this.

B E T T Y  H U L A  |  B O D Y  M O I S T U R I S E R

When I first picked this up and saw that the scent was Champagne & Spice, I was a little hesitant. I'm not a fan of champagne or most spices! I've also never been a huge fan of 'spice' scents, however this is actually okay! 

I do prefer the Loewe Aura Body Lotion that was mentioned above, as this is almost more of body butter. However, it has been made with sensitive skin in mind which is a huge bonus for me, as my skin is super sensitive and can react to almost anything. I've used this once at the minute, and so far, so good. 

L I N  &  L O  |  M A T T E  R E D  L I P S T I C K

In case you don't already know, red lipstick is my FAVE. It's my go-to colour whenever I need a pick-me-up, if I have a big day ahead, or just generally if I want to feel fabulous. I've been meaning to shop around for a matte lipstick for a while now, and the only thing putting me off has been that as much as I love wearing lipstick, I hate how dried out my lips get when I use 'normal' lipstick after a few hours, so I guess I've been a bit wary.

Would I recommend this lipstick? YES. It's soft, hydrating and long lasting and it's a proper, strong colour when applied to the lips. This is probably my favourite product in the box!


Sophie Rosie
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If they underestimate you, let them. And then prove them wrong.

If they underestimate you, let them. And then prove them wrong.

I have had a lot of people underestimate me in my life, and for the first 18 years, I totally don't blame them. I wouldn't say boo to a goose or go anywhere near the edges of my comfort zone. I was very shy and quiet and I was happy keeping my head down, doing everything that was just 'expected' of me, keeping myself to myself, staying in my hometown and hanging out with the few, close friends that I was the most comfortable with. I didn't really 'do' anything. I made sure that I did well in school, I got myself a 'good' job and I had my hobbies, and that was about it.

And then all of a sudden, something clicked. I wanted to do more. I wanted to be more. I wanted to show people that there was more to this girl than just academic achievements and doing what was expected. So I started to do more of what I actually wanted to do, I started to push myself out of my comfort zone despite what I thought other people might think.

This might sound like a silly thing to remember, but I worked at my old job for 3 1/2 years. The first 2 years of those, I never really made an effort with how I looked. I'd wear a vest top or a t-shirt and a pencil skirt, with no make up and my hair pretty much the same as how I'd got out of bed. And that's just what people came to expect.

And then one day, I turned up in a killer trouser skirt, with my hair done and my favourite red lipstick on and it felt so bloomin' awesome. I still remember that day so vividly. I remember the way people looked and the things that they said to me. It was one of the first times that I really surprised people and I loved it.

And ever since then it's been something that I strive to achieve. Blowing people's expectations of me out of the water and showing them that I'm capable of a lot more than what they think.

Ever since this day, I've achieved a lot. I started my blog (and it's still here!), my career has totally changed and I've done things and taken risks that I'd never thought I'd be brave enough to do.

I used to often wonder why people underestimate me. Maybe it's because at 5 ft nothing, I'm pretty tiny. Maybe it's because at first glance, I still look about 12. Maybe it's because even though I'm more confident now, I'm still pretty softly spoken. And if I'm honest, I used to hate it.

But now I love it. If I can tell someone doesn't think I'm capable of something, I let them think just that. And then I work hard to prove them wrong. Because is there anything like someone telling you you can't do something to motivate you to do it?


Sophie Rosie
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I've learned how to love my body, but I don't know how to love myself.

I've learnt how to love my body, but I don't know how to love myself.

In the last 2 years, I've learned how to appreciate my body. I've learned how to get the best out of it and how to dress it best. But most of all, I've learned to love it.

Now, I really can't take all of the credit for this, because I most definitely didn't do this on my own. There's one person in particular who doesn't quite realise how much they've helped me with this, but through them, and through having someone else appreciate my body for the first time, I've learned to love and accept it too.

I've become self confident in the way I dress, in the way I walk and the way I carry myself. I no longer feel self conscious that my thighs are too big or that my boobs are too tiny. I know that I have flaws and I know that people will still see them, but it just doesn't bother me as much anymore.

Should it have taken someone else to help me with this? Probably not. But it did. And I'll be forever grateful that I met this person, even if it was just for this. Because accepting our own bodies, being body positive and body confident is hard. Really hard. But boy, doesn't it feel great once you get there?

But loving myself? I don't know how to do that.

I don't know how to stop those voices in my head from telling me that I'm never good enough, that I never have been and that I never will be. I don't know how to convince myself that I'm not a burden to people. I don't know how to stop feeling worthless.

I don't know how to stop myself from spiralling into bad thoughts, that leave me crying in bed for hours and with a whole evening or morning wasted. I don't know how to let go of negative thoughts about myself, instead I hold onto them and repeat them until I believe them.

I don't know how to let go and get myself out of relationships when they turn toxic. I don't know how to put myself first when I need to, I don't know how to not let others make me feel like nothing. I don't know how to forgive myself or stop all of the self-neglect, and I certainly don't know how to believe in my worth.

For me, body confidence and self-confidence are two totally different things. One, I feel like I've mastered most days, but as for the other, I'm way off. Maybe it's because I don't know myself well enough yet, maybe it's because I'm still dwelling on events of the past when I should've forgotten and moved on by now, or maybe it's been a series of unhealthy relationships.

My problem is that I'm not sure how to get better, most definitely not by myself. And I think, like most people, I have some really good as well as really bad days. It's like, just as I feel as if I'm starting to get a handle on it, something sends me spiralling right back down to the bottom. 

And so, I'd like to end this with an answer. A way of making the bad thoughts and self-neglect go away forever. But I really can't. It might be something that I'll always have to battle, because I certainly have had to up until now. But it'll always be something that, on my good days, I'll be determined to end because, honestly? I'm tired. 

I'm tired of always feeling like I'm failing and broken and like I'm not good enough. It's mentally draining and exhausting and something that I know will probably only get worse if I don't at least try to fix myself.

So, here's to working on me. In any possible way that I can.


Sophie Rosie
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L E O N A R D O. | The printed tee I'm obsessed with.

L E O N A R D O.

Di Caprio or Da Vinci? Was the question I got asked yesterday while out for coffee, and if I'm honest, as soon as I saw the shirt in the shop,  Di Caprio was the only Leonardo that entered my head, so here's hoping it's a reference to him. Not that there's anything wrong with Da Vinci, I mean, he was a painter, sculptor, architect, musician, scientist, mathematician, engineer, inventor, geologist, botanist and writer..., so like, he can't have been all that bad. ;)

Anyway, can someone please tell me why it's taken me this long to purchase a statement tee. How amazing are they?! They're so easy to wear, they're comfortable and they'll basically go with anything. I only bought this 3 days ago and I've already created about 4 different outfits with it. I'm actually obsessed and considering going out and buying loads to add to my wardrobe, particularly for those days when I need to throw an outfit together super quickly!

This shirt is currently £18 in Topshop, and because loads of people have asked me this already, these trousers are also Topshop! The gingham trend has been one I've admired from afar up until now, but after failing to put myself on a spending ban, I've finally got myself a pair of these beautiful things.  ♥

Do you have any statement pieces that you're loving at the mo?


Sophie Rosie
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5 things to do at the start of your career.

I may only be a week away from 23, but at 5 years deep into my 'career' after deciding that university wasn't for me, I've already made a fair few choices and decisions when it comes what my work life looks like and where I want it to go, and I'd like to think that I've learned a little a lot (I hope!) in this time too.

No matter what age you start your career though, I feel like there's always questions, There's always confusion and that feeling of being a little lost, right? There's the pressure of feeling like you need to have your shit together as soon as possible, and it really can be overwhelming. Like, how am I meant to know what to do?!

5 things to do at the start of your career.

So, I thought I'd jot down a few little things that I've learned so far from the last few years, or tips and advice that I've been given from other people around me, as to some of the things we should probably be doing while we're just starting out. 

I D E N T I F Y  Y O U R  P A S S I O N.

The start of your career is the perfect time to experiment and figure out what it really is that you want to do. It's the time to try different things, explore a little and identify your passion. It's totally okay to switch things up and follow different paths, we can't be expected to jump into our first jobs, and stick to it for the rest of our working lives.

I was as an accountant for 3 1/2 years, before I decided that I hated it and now I work in radio, doing something much more creative, much more fun, and in an environment that's much more 'me'. Will I stay in radio forever? Who knows. But for now, it's something that I love and I'm in a job and an industry that I'm motivated for and want to do well in.

I've been told a few times now to use my twenties as a time to explore. To remember that it takes time to figure out what you really want to do, and to never be afraid to try something new, no matter how different or whacky it may sound.

N E T W O R K,  N E T W O R K,  N E T W O R K!

The best way to get into anywhere and anything, is to know people. So speak to people, ask them what they do and tell them about yourself. Make it clear that you could be a value to them because you never know when you could use someone as a valuable contact, no matter what the industry.

Never pass up an opportunity to make new contacts, and always make sure that you're keeping good relationships with the ones that you already have. Business relationships are golden, so make some good ones!

S E T  Y O U R S E L F  G O A L S.

I wrote a whole post on this last year, but personal and professional goals are so important. They are a tool to keep you focused, to keep you motivated, and also to document how far you've come. They're also a way of holding yourself accountable, because you, and only you, can take steps to fulfill them and achieve what you want.

T A K E  R I S K S.

Taking any kind of risk is terrifying, but particularly so when it comes to your career, and ultimately your life and your future, but I think they're kind of necessary. I feel like it's definitely important not to get too comfortable in a job too early, because we should always be learning and growing as professionals.
We have a little poster up in the office that reads the quote;

'Do one thing every day that scares you.'

Taking small and gradual steps outside of our comfort zone every day will really help us to get valuable experience, and if a risk doesn't work and we make a mistake? Learn from it. One of the best ways to learn is to make mistakes. So go ahead, do it.

D O  I T  F O R  Y O U.

And finally, whatever decisions you make, make sure you do them for you. If you have a passion, chase after it. If you think an opportunity would be good for you, go for it. If you're in a job and you don't like it, change it. 

As sad as it may sound, we spend a large portion of our lives at work, doing our jobs and building a career, so you may as well make it something that you want to do, and something that you love.


Sophie Rosie
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Instagram 'realness' vs traditional media.

Instagram vs traditional media.

I feel like everyone is a little fed up with Instagram at the mo, and if I'm honest, so am I. It all started with this bloomin' algorithm, making it super hard to get your posts seen, to get decent engagement anymore and to really grow your following. Queue Instagram pods, more cross promotion than ever, and of course, the recent Instagram bot fiasco that blew up on Twitter last weekend. Part of me just wants to quit Instagram and say 'I'm done.' And the other part of me has worked really hard on it, and still secretly loves it and is saying 'don't be silly, you're not going anywhere, yet'. 

Anyway, that wasn't even the ranty purpose of this post. What I actually want to discuss, is how someone recently told me that they don't see my Instagram as being 'real', because they felt that I only post for my blog and 'following'. 

They meant how I sometimes post a photo of an outfit on a day when I might not actually be wearing said outfit. Or how, there'll be a perfect breakfast pancake flatlay, when I'm actually still in bed with a bowl of shreddies. Or how, I'll post a photo of Liverpool when I'm actually at home in Preston that day. 

For me, and (I think) for most other bloggers particularly, we see absolutely nothing wrong with this. We all know that Instagram life and real life are two totally separate things. Instagram is a platform for us to be creative, to curate a feed that fits into an aesthetic or vibe that we want to create, and it's a platform that's quite often an extension of our blogs. 

But, I think the reason this comment has stuck with me so much that it's made it into a blog post, was because of this; Instagram is a form of media, right? And when you think of other traditional media outlets such as radio, TV, magazines etc, they all do the same thing. 

They create content. 

Content which is pre-planned, there to build and entertain an audience, and that is put out consistently and usually fits a brief or the brands 'vibe'. 

So, why is it that some often roll their eyes at bloggers doing exactly the same? Now, I am in no way saying that it's acceptable not to be 'real' in the sense of making up stories for content purposes, or in a sense of heavily using photoshop on your images. I guess I'm talking more about how it's okay for your content not to be 'live' or 'real time'. 

Just because I'm not wearing that outfit today, doesn't mean I never have. Just because I'm not having avo on toast this morning, doesn't mean I never have. I mean, how else would I have got the bloomin' photo?

My Instagram will always reflect 'me'. It will always show the fashions and things that I love, places that I've visited or simply something that I thought was pretty. Yes, it may be pre-planned and scheduled, and yes I do have a posting schedule in order to keep up some kind of engagement. But it will never not be real and it will never not be me. I promise.


Sophie Rosie
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Take yourself on your own adventures.

If you follow me over on Instagram, you may have seen snap shots from my little day trip to Wales over the Easter Weekend. I'd realised that I had no plans for Saturday, and when I spotted that it was meant to be the nicest day of the holidays, I last minute decided that I needed to do something.

So, at 9pm on Friday evening, I was scrolling through hashtags on Instagram and trying to figure out where I should go. I'd already considered heading back to Caernarfon, as I used to have a lovely client there from my old job, and so every April for 3 years, I'd drive over and spend 2 weeks in this lovely little town. And part of me had kinda missed it last year. So that was when I decided to make a quick stop at Bangor pier along the way, and then head right up to the very edge of Anglesey to South Stack to see the light house, and made an unintentional stop (I was literally only looking for somewhere to stop for a wee and got a bit lost) at Llanfairwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysilogogogoch.

It's just taken me about 5 minutes to type that correctly, never mind say it.

Anywho, as I was updating you all (obvs) through my Instagram stories, I had loads of people, both guys and girls, DM'ing me to say how they loved that I'd just taken myself off on my own, and that they don't think they could ever do something like that. And my response to each of those messages was, of course you could.

Just because you don't have someone else to take you, doesn't mean you can't take yourself on your own adventures.

When I sat down to write this, I realised that I mean this in more ways than exploring new places. I guess you can apply the sentiment to anything in general life. You wouldn't find it acceptable to wait for a significant other before you did something with your career, or before you moved into a different flat, or before you went on holiday.

For the last 5 years or so, I've been the most independent gal ever. Since moving out of my Mum & Dad's and into my own little flat, I've never had to depend on anyone for anything. And it's truly the best feeling. Knowing that you can do anything on your own, from picking yourself back up again when you're feeling like crap or if you've had the worst day, to taking yourself for coffee, or even dinner if you really fancy it, is simply great. And the second you realise that you've got this, it's really quite liberating.

I've talked before about how I'm a total introvert, and so maybe that's why I love taking myself off sometimes and why spending time on my own is some of my favourite time. You don't need anyone to do anything with; if you want to do something and feel like you can, you should do it.

I can't even tell you how much I enjoyed my little Wales adventure. I was able to explore wherever I wanted, whenever I wanted. I loved being able to stop and just take photographs to my hearts content. To go from one place to another on my own schedule, and even being able to sit on the edge of the cliff, breathing in the sea air and just thinking about life and clearing my head a little was pure bliss, and a welcome luxury compared to the busyness of normal life. 

I also climbed up a big rock, helped someone's Nanna who'd lost the rest of her family, and made friends with a 6 year old girl called Sophie, who was fascinated that we had the same name when I stopped to offer to take a photo for her Mum & Dad so everyone could be in it (the Dad's selfie skills were leaving something to be desired, so I felt like I needed to step in!). 

Here's what I've always believed;

It's not fair, realistic or healthy to expect one person to fulfill all of our needs and to make us happy. Yes, our partners and closest friends make us better people. They should complement us and challenge us and make us laugh, but putting your happiness in the hands of others is dangerous and most probably the easiest way to land yourself in a world of disappointment and hurt.

'If you're putting plans on hold until you find a co-pilot, you may just be waiting forever.'

Instead, let's just do the stuff we love anyway, take ourselves on our own adventures and realise that we're capable and independent enough to do just that.

You'll love it, trust me.


Sophie Rosie
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5 realistic aspirations for the rest of 2017.

Bloomin' heck. It's the middle of April already and I still don't feel like I've achieved anything yet. This time last year, I'd changed jobs, bucked up my blogging ideas and booked a holiday. And although I've been crazy busy recently, and there's been a lot happening, I just feel like I haven't got anywhere so far. Does anyone else know what I mean?

So, in a bid to try and feel like I'm being more productive with my life, I thought I'd sit down and think about what I really would love to get out of this year, and achieve before the year is out and it's April 2018 already and I'm having even more of a life crisis.

1.  U N D E R S T A N D  M Y  F I N A N C E S  B E T T E R.

Considering I was an accountant for over 3 years, I've never really took the time to understand my own finances. I've never really sat down and looked at how much I spend on what. I couldn't tell you how much my monthly outgoings are (I mean, I could work it out, but it could take me a while!), and this is something that I really want to change.

I think we all like to save. It provides a sense of financial stability if you have a savings pot somewhere, right? It's reassuring to know that you can support yourself if you need to, and I've decided that I'm going to take this saving thing a lot more seriously. I'm going to put my previous job to a little more use, and I've got a 'How to Budget' post coming your way, soon!

2.  H A V E  M O R E  F U N

Anyone else get so bogged down with life and work stuff that you forget to have a little fun every once in a while? Yeah, me too.

Running a blog alongside a full time job, pretty much means that most of my spare time is already taken up. But I need to remember to cut myself some slack.

This blog isn't going to go anywhere if I don't write anything for a few weeks, as I discovered recently. I've also recently been doing a lot more things for me. I've been having pamper nights and taking myself to the theatre. I've been heading to adult inflatable play centres (this was so much fun I can't even explain!) and taking myself off for 3 hour walks in the sunshine. And I've loved everything. So I've made a promise to myself to do more of this, see my friends and family more and just generally have a lot more fun.

3.  L E A R N  S O M E T H I N G  N E W

Last year, I learned a hell of a lot. But starting a new job in a new industry kinda does that for you. And so this year I want to continue to learn something new. They say that you learn something new every day, and I'm constantly thinking of things that I want to know and questions that I want answers to. I already have a few plans and ideas for something that I want to do in the next few months, that will hopefully not only help my career a little, but will help me to fulfil this little goal, too. And boy, I'm excited!

4. C R E A T E   M O R E,  C O N S U M E   L E S S.

I think I may write a blog post dedicated to this one all on it's own, but after having a little blogging slump, and trying everything to get the creative juices flowing again, I realised that there was only way I was able to get back into it; start creating again. I read countless posts, discovered a number of new blogs and spent hours scrolling through Pinterest. But the one thing that made me want to write again was when I shot some new outfit photo's for my previous post. As soon as I'd started to create again, I just wanted to create more.

Working within a creative industry, with people who have to create 'stuff' daily, I probably should've picked up on this one a little sooner!

5. S T I C K  T O  M Y  B L O G G I N G  G O A L S

I wrote this post a few weeks ago, about how I wanted to become a better blogger, and the exact ways that I was planning on doing this. However, I'm not doing very well so far. My little blog hiatus hasn't really helped matters, but I'm really taking steps now to achieve a little more of what I want.

You've probably noticed that I've changed up my layout (again), in a bid to give a little refresh. I've got a whole notebook of brainstorming ideas and ways of really trying to find my 'vibe' in the lifestyle blogging world and I'm being a lot more strict with myself in terms of email response times.

Little steps and all that!

So, there we have it. 5 little ways I'm hoping to have a better and more productive 2017. Do you have any updated priorities for the rest of the year?


Sophie Rosie
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Why your personal style doesn't have to 'fit' into just one type.

Why your personal style doesn't have to 'fit' into just one type.

Personal style is something that should be just that; personal. 

I don't know about you, but my style has changed a lot over the last few years. There are pieces that I wore when I was 19, that you would never catch me in now. And like everything, I feel that your 'fashion sense' grows and evolves as you do. As you and your life changes, so does what you like to wear.

My style is very eclectic, and it totally depends on the mood that I've woken up in that morning as to what I reach for in my wardrobe. My manager described it perfectly to a new colleague this week, he said; 'You'll find that Soph will either turn up to work dressed like the Managing Director, or like she's still in her pyjama's and just got out of bed.

Thanks boss.

But, to be fair, he has a valid point. Some days, I'll wear my black jeans with a nice top and a blazer, and other days I'll throw on my sports leggings and an oversized jumper. Some day's I'll find a cute little crop top and my high waisted jeans, and other day's it'll be a pretty tea dress. Some day's it's an oversized shirt and my knee high's, and other days it's my jeans and a pair of trainers.

It's only been in the last few years that I feel like I've gotten a little better at this whole fashion thing. But, I've always felt that the way you dress should be a way of expressing yourself, as cliche as it sounds. You shouldn't wear something just because it's all over Instagram and you feel like you 'have to have it' because it's on trend. 

You should wear what you want and what you feel good in.

And honestly? I've found myself much happier and much more confident since I started sticking to this rule. If you don't feel good in what you wear, you're not going to feel good in yourself. Which is why I believe that you shouldn't have to narrow your personal style into just one category, because you're not always going to want to wear just that.

Have fun with your clothes and don't feel like you have to stick yourself in a box when it comes to labelling your style. Because fashion is meant to be fun, and how can you have fun with something that's restrictive?

So, if one day you wanna dress super chic and tailored, but the next you wanna be all preppy, sporty or boho, you should totally do it, girl. Experiment and be inspired by what's around you, but most importantly, make it you.


Carvela Kurt Geiger Trainers from the Lace Up collection c/o Kurt Geiger.

Also, I just need to give a huge thank you to my flatmate for taking these photo's for me, after I roped her into helping me on one of our walks this weekend! Turns out she's pretty nifty with a camera, too!


Sophie Rosie
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An unplanned blog hiatus.

Image credit: used with permission from Stylizimo 

An unplanned blog hiatus.

It's been over 2 weeks since I've posted any kind of content here on, and if I'm honest, I can't quite figure out how I feel about it. I've spent the last few days catching up on about 5 weeks worth of emails, and a clear inbox is now making me feel a little less anxious.

The thing is, it's not like I planned to take a blogging break, and the fact that I still hadn't got a post up was in the back of my mind every single day, and every day I've been trying to think of new blog ideas that I could write and post.

Unfortunately, the creative part of my brain has been having none of it.

And I've tried everything, from discovering and reading new blogs, to scrolling for hours through Pinterest, to going back through my own, old posts, but even taking myself for walks in the sunshine and taking millions of photo's hasn't done the trick, and that normally always inspires me in some way!

So, here we are. Still not feeling particularly inspired but really, really wanting to be. The frustrating thing is, that just a few weeks ago I was feeling totally inspired, with a real idea of what I wanted to do with my blog, and ideas floating around like there was no tomorrow. And then life got in the way a little and now I'm completely out of the flow.

And I know that that's all it is. That all I need to do is to get back into writing and creating stuff, and the more that I write, the more idea's I'll have again. It's definitely not a case of not having any photo's or imagery either, as I have photo's coming out of my ears that are just waiting to be utilised in a blog post in some way.

I guess this is the purpose of this post. To remind myself that I'm still, actually fully capable of writing words on a screen and I'm not completely failing at all this online content creation thing. And hopefully, it'll make me want to write some more!

I posted how I was feeling on Instagram yesterday, and it's always reassuring to know that I'm never the only one that goes through phases like this. A lot of you guys suggested I give myself a proper little break and stop beating myself up over it, so maybe I need to do just that? :)


Sophie Rosie
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Spring clichés that are worth the hype

Spring clichés that are totally worth the hype.

I literally adore Spring. I think it's the start of the lighter nights, the sun coming creepin' in every now and again, and just the general feeling of it being the season of new starts. I love all of the seasons, but I don't think that it's coincidence that the first day of Spring is also International Day of Happiness! 

So, here are a few Spring clichés that are totally worth the hype, and one's that I'm going to be all over again this year!

B l o s s o m.

Prepare for your Instagram to be inundated with photo's of blue skies and pretty pink bloom. I remember there was a point last year when this was literally all that filled my feed. But do you know what, it's SO pretty though that I totally love it and will most probably be posting 7689 photo's of it myself.

L i g h t e r  n i g h t s.

OMG it's 6pm and it's still so light outside! As much as I love getting all cosy in bed with a cup of hot chocolate and my blanket in Winter, there's something about the lighter evenings that just lifts my mood for longer. The clocks go forward this weekend which means we can all go back to taking photo's in the evenings again, too! I can literally just feel the relief from bloggers everywhere. 

F l o r a l  t r e n d s.

Particularly of the embroidered type, this season. There are SO many beautiful pieces out there this year that I literally just don't know where to start. I've basically not took these shoes off since I bought them in January, and these boots blew up on my social media when I found them in New Look a few months ago, too! Charlotte did a gorgeous post on so many of her favourite embroidered finds a couple of weeks ago, so if you need any inspo, check out her post

P a s t e l s  &  b l u s h  p i n k.

On a similar note, Spring is the time to pack away all of those autumnal hues (although maybe not quite all of your cosy knit's just yet because, oh hey, British weather.) and brighten up your wardrobe with pretty pastels, instead. The blush pink trend is another personal favourite of mine at the minute, and I'm having to try really hard not to buy everything. This suede biker jacket from Zara however, I just couldn't resist!

E a s t e r.

Cheap chocolate, Easter egg hunts and an extra few days off work. What's not to love about Easter!?

What do you love about Spring?


Sophie Rosie
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Mothers Day treats & THAT Disney inspired jacket.

Mothers Day treats & that Disney inspired jacket.

On Thursday evening, me & my lovely Mum were invited along to the Metquarter in Liverpool for an early Mothers Day event, hosted again by the guys at Sassoon Salon, who I'd only recently visited a couple of weeks ago (read about my fab experience here). It was pretty much an evening of Prosecco, cake, styling and little beauty treats. What could be more perfect for Mothers Day?

We had Sassoon offering consultations and styling tips, Urban Calm giving us all the best mini massages and Illumination LED facemasks, and the girls at Illamasqua offering express treatments through the evening.

My favourite part of the event though (apart from the cupcakes from Patisserie Valerie... these were incredible omg) was when celebrity stylist Martine Alexander picked out some of her favourite pieces from around the centre. Let's just say, if my Mum hadn't have been there to stop me, I'd have probably bought half of the rail, including this to-die-for Beauty & the Beast embroidered jacket from the MinkPink and Disney collection, and these amazingly beautiful Kurt Geiger heels. 

It was such a lovely evening being able to chat to all the familiar faces at Sassoon, catching up with local bloggers and their Mums, and learning about what else there is to offer in the Metquarter. Events like this are my favourite, smaller events where you can really chat to everyone properly, have great conversations and network with bloggers & brands in a really relaxed atmosphere that's totally beneficial to everyone. 

Everyone at the event was super lovely and friendly, and I loved being able to give my Mum a peek inside the weird and wonderful world of blogging and events. Even if it was just to show her it isn't just me who has to take photo's of all of the food before anyone's allowed to touch it! 

What do you have planned for Mothers Day?


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