Why I always fall in love with the festive season.

The festive season will always be my favourite, and here's why I will always fall in love with this time of year all over again.

I've always loved Christmas, it really is the most magical time of the year. There's just something so wonderful about it, that even in my 22nd year makes me so, incredibly happy and excited. I love the music, the silly songs and the carols, the tinsel and the decorations. The films, the Christmas markets, the hunting for the perfect gifts, and of course, the chocolate.

But, I also love how much joy December can bring to people. It's the little things like walking through town and hearing the Christmas music playing in the shops, or the carol singers with their own little rendition of Jingle Bells. It's sitting in a coffee shop on Christmas Eve afternoon with a festive book, all warm & cosy while watching the last minute Christmas shoppers outside buying for their nearest & dearest. 

It's the twinkling of the Christmas lights in the darker evenings, both inside your home and in the city. It's watching the blissfully innocent children get excited about Santa, and it's the sound of sleigh bells, church bells and jingle bells, that add a little extra magic.

It's ice skating with your favourite people. It's wrapping up in your favourite winter coat, scarves and bobble hats and heading out for a walk in the cold on a clear day. And then slipping delightfully back into your pyjamas when you return to the warm indoors to sit by the fire.

It's seeing people smile who normally don't so readily. It's remembering to be grateful for everything that you have. It's forgetting the rest of the world even exists while you snuggle up on the sofa with blankets and your favourite festive films, and it's still not being able to fall asleep on Christmas Eve, no matter how old you get.


Coat - Zara (similar) |  Hat - Topshop (similar)  |  Scarf - H&M  |  Jeans - c/o American Eagle Outfitters  |   Shoes - c/o Quiz  | Bag - c/o Marc B

And it's being able to spend time with your family. Laughing & giggling with each other and exchanging gifts. Fondly remembering Christmases from when we were little.  It's watching T'was The Night Before Christmas on VHS every Christmas Eve, and it's eating everything in the house and drinking copious amounts of hot chocolate.

Don't you just love the festive season?



  1. These photos are absolutely stunning Sophie! Such a lovely post as well, Christmas really is the most wonderful time <3


  2. Love this - Christmas is my absolute fave! x


  3. Such a lovely festive post! The location is perfect... I have to admit I do love Christmas! It's so nice to have chance to catch up with family and friends. I'm just dreading February and March x

    Jodie / jodiemelissa.com

  4. Christmas is a very special season! I love your outfit, the heels and the bag are perfect xxx

  5. This post manages to put into words exactly why I love this time of year in a way that I could never manage. It's not all about getting presents, or the pressure to get someone that perfect gifts; it's about the joy and happiness that the season brings to people in so many different ways.

    Steph - www.nourishmeblog.co.uk

  6. Ahh yesss, the festive season is beautiful & this just reminded me of all the reasons why :) I hope you're having the most wonderful Christmas time so far x


  7. Oh my goodness girly, those heels are so beautiful <3 x


  8. Aww I loved reading through this, I do love the joy that christmas brings - your photos are also soo magical!

    Lucy | Forever September

  9. These photos are absolutely stunning! I'm right with you the Christmas season is so special and warm and loving and I can't get enough of it. I always look forward to it even when it means it'll also be exam season ;).
    Lea, xx

  10. This post literally states all the reasons why I love christmas, I get excited as soon as it hits novemeber and doesn't leave until after new years I just love the happiness it brings and all the cosiness of it all!

  11. This is such a lovely post xx I couldn't agree more that this is the most wonderful time of the year and this year I'm feeling even more excited about it x also your photos are amazing x

  12. I totally see myself in every word you are writing here.. haha!

    xx Lisa