On being open to change.

With 2017 creeping up on us pretty bloomin' quickly, I've been thinking a lot about being open to the changes that a new year might just bring.

New years quite often bring about all of the 'new year, new me' social media statuses that we love to hate. Like yes, it's a new year, I'm sure we're all hoping that 2017 is a little better and goes a little smoother than the year that most probably shouldn't ever be mentioned again.

Like last year, I'm not going to make any 'resolutions' as such, because quite frankly I don't believe in all that kinda thing. I think that if you really want to make a change, or make something happen, you'd do it no matter what time of the year it is. 

But, there is one thing that I want to start and take with me into 2017, and that's to try and be a little more open to, and less scared of, change. For me, change is normally exciting, but equally as terrifying. Most changes are exciting, but it's the changes that I don't decide and have no real control over, that scare me.

But the thing is, change is normally good, isn't it? While yes, some things might take a little time to get used to at first, you never know what beautiful things, people and experiences might just be around the corner.

Some of the best things that have happened recently have only happened because there's been a change. A change of career, a change of people, a change of mindset.


As with all things in my life though, I'm a massive over-thinker and things that are out of my control often make me terribly nervous. But, I think it's about time that this girl starts to try and let go of that, and just embrace everything that is thrown at me instead of worrying about things that may never even happen.

Am I even making sense here? I feel like I'm rambling a little now. But I think it's even little things, like I'm too nervous to do anything drastic with my hair because it would be a change. A change that I don't know what the end result is going to look like or how it's going to make me feel. So you can imagine how hard it is for me to make bigger decisions. 

So yeah, the conclusion of this post; be more open to change, Soph. It's often not as scary as you think.


Boots - c/o Marco Tozzi | If you're looking for the perfect winter boot, these little beaut's are definitely the ones. They arrived a couple of weeks ago and oh my goodness, they are SO comfortable. They have a really soft insole, as well as a faux fur lining on the inside to keep your feet all nice and cosy during the colder season. The subtle detail and flat style means I can pair them with any outfit (although lets face it, I live in my black skinny jeans, so they're perfect..), and they're fabulous for giving my sore feet a break from my heeled boots that I love to wear a little too often.



  1. I'm exactly like you, I'm scared of new things and things I can't control. But I'm starting to be more open to change and it's great xxx

  2. I've definitely had this frame of mind recently, and it is making my life a lot better!

    Jaynie Shannon | Beauty & Lifestyle


  3. I totally feel you on this, I'm awful when it comes to accepting change but I'm definitely trying to improve on that this year! xx

  4. Love this (and love your cute outfit!). I am also terrified of change but am trying to get to grips with "going with the flow". I always like to have a structured plan, so when I don't I go a bit crazy haha! xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

  5. I cannot wait for the new year.. honestly I love change! Without change there can't be progression. So I love every new year and I even love every monday.. I always say it's like a mini new years!

    xx Lisa

  6. I've recently changed jobs and this post really resonated with me. It's a totally different way of working and I haven't been enjoying it, but this has motivated me to want to embrace it and get used to a new way of doing things!
    Jennifer x
    Ginevrella | Lifestyle Blog