My week in square photo's & 140 characters. Ep 8.

This week's post may be a little photo heavy. I have a lot of lovely things to share, this week!

So, let's rewind to last Sunday, Em & Kay were sharing my bed, and I was sleeping in the other room. I wake up to a selfie snapchat from Em about 9am, and walk into the living room to see 5 million Santa's running past my flat. Not even kidding.

Once I'd woken up properly, I realised that it was, in fact, Liverpool's annual Santa dash. A 5k run through the city for charity, with everyone in Santa costumes, dogs with reindeer antlers and even a whole load of fake snow at the finishing line! It was fabulous to watch, even if it did make our walk for breakfast about 4 times longer!

Anyway, we had breakfast, dropped Kay off at the train station, and then Em and I headed off to shoot some outfits, shop, and take a walk around the city.

When you get 3 girls together, of course the chat is going to eventually get round to dating and guys, and this weekend was no exception. Which reminds me...

Anyone else feel this?

I also remember the first time I discovered Instagram DM's. I hadn't been active on Instagram overly long, but I remember opening my inbox to a few, well, interesting messages. Now, you actually get a notification when someone wants to send you a private message on Insta, and Monday's was one of my absolute favourites.

There was a pretty sky on my way to work on Monday. 

Edit; I'm aware some of these photo's aren't square - but the none square ones have appeared on my Insta stories at some point during the week, too!

Then, this happened on Monday night. It wasn't even an important conversation, but still. 

However, can we all just appreciated that I showered AND washed my hair in 9 minutes? I thought that was a pretty decent achievement!

Thursday and Friday were my working from home days, this week. And I still don't have myself a little desk yet, so I relished in being able to work from under my duvet and not really having to get dressed!

Then, Friday came and it was our Christmas party. However, our office decided to do things a little different, and we headed off to Blackpool and had the top of the Blackpool Tower all to ourselves! There was music and food and drinks and just a general chance to chat and socialise and I actually loved it. Most of the guys headed into town afterwards, however, I then snook back to my car and drove back to Liverpool. But, just look at those views!

Getting ready for the party however, made me realise this!

This brings us back to Saturday, and my Saturday this week consisted of coffee, blog writing, and Christmas shopping. Which to be quite honest, is my idea of a perfect start to the weekend.

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Have a lovely week, folks.



  1. It sounds like another lovely week Soph! x
    Sophie Cliff

  2. It must be so nice being able to work from home a little bit, I would LOVE to do that haha! xx

    Claire |

  3. I love your little round ups of the weeks. It sounds like you had a lovely week.
    Lea, xx