My own little haven.

My safe place & my own little haven.

For me, my bed and my room in our flat is my own little haven. It's my safe place. It's the place where I'm able to shut myself away from the rest of the world if I need to. It's the place where I can snuggle under the duvet to the sound of the rain drops on my window and just be me. It's the place where I can think. It's the place where I can have peace when the city is just a little busy. It's the place where I can kick my shoes off at the end of a busy day and sigh with relief as I fall into my (probably too many) pillows. 

I'm a firm believer that the space around you can affect your productivity and your mood, and so I like to invest in the spaces that I spend a lot of time in. If I had a spare room for an office, you can guarantee it would be decorated and accessorised with the most positive of quotes and cute little prints. There would be a beautiful clock on the wall with the most inspirational of books on the book shelf. There'd be sweet scented candles and house plants on the window sill. This too, would be my space. 

My safe place is where I like to wake up on a Sunday morning, lie under the duvet and watch the early risers get out and about in the city. It's where I'll grudgingly climb out of to pop the kettle on, and then climb straight back in amongst blankets with a fresh cup of coffee and my favourite book or my laptop.

It's my own little haven.



  1. I love cosying up and reading on a Sunday too but my dad usually drags me out to a dry ski slope for practise haha.

    Abigail Alice x

  2. You found the loveliest words to describe your safe place and I totally get you. You just need a room or sofa or bed where you just can find time to charge your batteries and think about life or snuggle up and read a good book to relax.
    Lea, xx

  3. Sounds dreamy, makes me so excited to move out and have my own space!

  4. It really does sound heavenly and cosy! There's nothing like a safe place to call your own. Xx

    Bestest Wishes ...
    Keep Calm and start writing ~

  5. I agree... I love my room and my bed so much!

    xx Lisa

  6. Lovely photos Sophie - I love my room, I feel like its a safe place for me too!

    Lucy | Forever September

  7. I completely agree with you on this - only the other day was I thinking about how my bed is definitely my safe little haven! Especially now that it's cold, I spend most of my time at home snuggled inbetween the pillows and duvet because it's just so much cosier than anywhere else in my flat!
    Jennifer x
    Ginevrella | Lifestyle Blog

  8. Yes! This is so lovely, and so true.

    Meg | Elmpetra