A self care checklist.

A self-care checklist for 2017.

Every year, I head into January with the best of intentions. I do the most healthy of food shops, I get myself back to the gym, I try to drink more water and cut the caffeine, and I try to get that little bit more sleep. And, I think like most, this doesn't last the year. For me, I seem to have 3 month phases; I do really well for 3 months, and then I don't step foot near a gym and eat complete rubbish for the next 3. Until I feel so sluggish, tired, and fed up with bad skin that the cycle starts all over again.

But, this time, I thought I'd make a different kind of self-care checklist. I thought I'd create a list of things that I love, things that will cheer me up when I'm feeling sad. Things that will reduce an evening of anxiety. Things that will put me in a good mood and a positive mindset, whether they're actually healthy or not!

1. Listen to relaxing music with my candles lit.
2. Grab a coffee and go for a walk in the fresh air.
3. Treat myself to a fresh manicure.
4. Take the time to pamper myself a little & create a proper skin care routine.
5. Cosy up under my blankets with a good book.
6. Take a long, hot shower.
7. Read my favourite blogs with a cup of tea to hand.
8. Head to the shops and purchase something luxurious to treat myself.
9. Browse social media for hours without feeling guilty.
10. Grab my camera & simply explore the city that I live in.
11. Stretch in the morning.
12. Visit my favourite coffee house or lunch spot.
13. Watch an old, favourite film before bed.
14. Organise and declutter my flat.* 

What would be on your self-care checklist?


*This one may be a little unconventional for some, but for me, it's totally therapeutic.


  1. I like the idea of a self care checklist rather than resolutions, they some so lovely. I would like to explore my city more and just carry my camera around with me and see what I snap.

    I've really enjoyed reading your blogging this year, I wish you all the best in 2017 and I will definitely continue to read and comment more.

    Dionne xxx

  2. I love this! I really want to get back into the routine of looking after my body this year, as I really have let myself go and I feel so unconfident and bleaugh! Will be bookmarking this for a little inspo when I'm feeling down! xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

  3. In 2017 I definitely want to take more time for self-care. I'm wanting to cut back on social media & watching netflix constantly and get into reading books again!

    Lynnsay x

  4. Much of the same for me! A manicure, at home facial and some journaling can really help. All though I'm sure you'll have resolutions I think keeping this up is what really helps with goals at the new year, thanks for sharing x


  5. Such a good list of self care bits - definitely something I need to do going into 2017! Keeping my room tidy and keeping up the gym routine is something I really want to achieve next year!

    Lucy | Forever September

  6. Self-care is one of the most important things we always forget about, I will also try to remember about it and create an actual routine in 2017. Your lovely list will definitely help me out in this.

    https://lizalauf.blogspot.co.uk xx

  7. I love this post. Self care is something that I need to work on in 2017. I need to make a routine and your list will definitely help!