7 adaptable skills you can add to your CV from running a blog.

7 adaptable skills you can add to your CV from running a blog, to apply for any job.

One of the first questions I asked myself when I first sat down to update and re-write my CV over a year ago was; 'do I put my blog on my CV?'. After asking a few fellow bloggers, the answer was a resounding YES. And it was only after I added it that I realised why. Not only do you spend so much of your time on it, but you pick up so many skills when running and creating an online space. 

So, here is how I turned 'yeah, I blog a little in my spare time' to a whole section to itself on my CV that helped me to bag my job, and the 7 skills you can pride yourself in from running a blog.


This one is a little obvious, but lets face it, you have to be at least a little creative to be able to run a blog. From thinking of your blog name, to creating your branding, theme and aesthetic, to taking and editing photographs, and writing the content. It all requires creativity. Even down to succinctly getting a message across in 140 characters on Twitter. Creativity is a fabulous skill to have if you're applying for a creative role, but even if you're not, it can be taken and used in the workplace for thinking up those 'creative solutions' to problems that potential employers love.


Just like anything else, you have to motivate yourself to write your blog. I love my blog, and it's something that I've become really passionate about, but I still have days when I sit and think 'ugh, I really need to blog but I can't be bothered'. But you do motivate yourself. You do get up, switch on your laptop and write and create and not stop until you've achieved what you wanted. Whether that be completing a blog post or simply just getting through your emails. It's a task completed!


Running a blog alongside a full time job/studying at university requires tremendous organisation and time management skills. From simply having to plan when to take your photo's in the limited light in the winter, to working to deadlines set by brands during collaborations, to prioritising and maintaining your to do lists for work AND your online space, I can guarantee your potential employer will be left wondering and seriously impressed with how you manage to fit it all in.


Hands up who looks at their blog's page views/Instagram & Twitter followers every day? Yeah, me too. We all do this one without even realising. Even though we all convince ourselves that numbers don't matter, ultimately, they do to us, don't they? I mean, we love creating our content and we want people to see it! So I don't know about you, but I'm constantly analysing. 

I'm able to spot when a post does particularly well, I know that tweets with images do better and I know when is best to post on Instagram for optimum engagement. So, whether you're using Google, Instagram or Twitter analytics, we're constantly monitoring views, engagement, and patterns in statistical information. 


Blogging events are fun, aren't they? They're also giving you the chance to better your networking skills. Networking is generally an important skill for employers; it means that you're able to socialise, interact and build relationships with a variety of people. Whether it's other bloggers you're meeting and chatting to, or brand representatives and PR's, you're having to build that relationship from scratch! And this doesn't always come easy, so if you can pop this on your CV, you're probably doing more than okay so far.


I guess part of this will come in relation to your written skills. Blogging can be made up of  a lot of writing, so getting your point across in a written manner is going to get easier! All of those emails you're writing to PR's and brand representatives when negotiating collaborations are also going to earn you brownie points in the communication section of your CV.

But it's not just writing back and accepting a collaboration, it's being able to keep brands informed as to where your blog post is at, how far along you are with the imagery, whether you're going to be able to squeeze the post up on time, and simple things like dropping them an email to let them know the post is live with clickable link.


This is quite a generic thing to put on your CV, but with blogging, you can give a whole range of examples to go with it. Before I started my blog, I was completely clueless in the world of HTML and CSS coding, if you'd have said 'DSLR' to me I probably would'n't have had the foggiest what you were talking about, and as for writing skills... well, they're bound to improve the more you write for yourself, and read posts from others.

So, there you have it! If you're struggling how to put your blog on your CV or LinkedIn, hopefully this might've helped, at least a little!



  1. i never thought of blogging skills being transferrable to my cv in this way! thanks for the share!
    jen / velvet spring xxx

  2. First I thought it might come across a little strange to include my blogging skills in my CV but I've been doing it for the last half a year and I never looked back. Really cool post! I think everybody should use the experience we get whilst blogging and show case it wherever it may help us ;).
    Lea, xx

  3. This is all so true! Building an audience from scratch and stick to a planning aren't skills everybody can pretend to have x

    Jessica — NinetyCo

  4. Thank you for sharing - this is really helpful!


  5. These points you mentioned are so true! I'm graduating from high school in like two weeks so next year I want to apply for jobs which means I'll have to write my first CV - I was wondering whether I should put my blog on there or not as well but after reading this the answer is definitely yes :) x


  6. This was such a great post! I'm graduating next year so I've been applying to a lot of jobs and I do have my blog on my CV. But this broke down all the different things I should be talking about regarding my blog, so thank you!


  7. Hello Soph, great examples. You are very right :-). I enjoyed reading this. Warm regards, Paulina.

  8. This was such a helpful post! I always struggle with what to put on my CV and have never really wanted to put blogging on but reading this made me realise that maybe I should!

    Katie // www.zzandh.com

  9. Thanks for this great post! I love that you've broken the skills down into easy sections and I hadn't realised just how much I am learning by creating my blogs.