Wait, but what if I don't have a plan though?

 All of my friends seem to have a plan, and I don't. Do I need one?

I'm having a little bit of a 'f*ck I still don't know what I'm doing with my life.' kinda day. Everyone I seem to speak to at the minute has a plan. They've figured out what they want to be doing, where they want to go, or their next adventure that they wish to take. 

Admittedly, a lot of these plans involve travel. Whether it be a dream of taking a year out to see the world, people taking opportunities for work and their careers, or people wishing to up sticks and leave completely and move to the other side of the world. Which for me, as their friend, is a little sad. In a completely selfish way, of course. Seeing people leave is always really hard for everyone involved, but then I'm also so, so happy for them because I know it will make them happy.

For me, I've never really had the urge to travel. Maybe it's because I've not really done any of it yet, so I haven't caught 'the bug'. But, I also think it's because I'm so much of a home girl. I feel settled, in my little flat, in a city that I love. The thought of not having that any more scares me, and is something that I don't want to give up, just yet. That's okay though, right? It's okay to not want what everyone else does?

But then, after one of these many conversations with a friend this weekend, that went a little something like this from their end;

'yeah, this time next year I want to have taken my job to here, then I'll move on.'

And it got me thinking about my plan. And it was then that I realised that I didn't actually have one. Oh. I hear a lot about the importance of creating a 5 year plan. I have no idea where I want to be next year, let alone 5 years on from now. I don't know what job I want to be in, where I'd want to be living, what stage of my career I want to be at, or anything else that comes with planning your life.

So, while one part of me is saying that it's completely okay to not have a plan, to take life one day at a time and that I'll figure things out in my own time, the other part of me is terrified of falling behind. Of not achieving anything or experiencing the things that I should.

Right now, I'm trying to convince myself that the first one is just fine. Some people have a plan, other people don't. Quite often, it's the unplanned things that are the best anyway, right?

What are your thoughts? Do you have a plan?




  1. Growing up, I was never interested in having a life plan and now at 25 I still don't have a plan for my life. I'd love to be the person that has a 5 year plan and have everything organised but I'm not. I'm quite happy with the unplanned as it's much more fun to see how my life will pan out. Don't get me wrong, there are aspects of my life that I have planned, like a house by 27 etc but in terms of career, I have no idea at all.


  2. I definitely don't have a plan, I don't really believe you need one to be honest - just go where life takes you!

    Lucy | Forever September

  3. I think life isn't so much about having a plan all the time but about making the decisions that feels right or seems to be the right choice to make in that moment :) I'm graduating from high school at the end of the year so everyone's asking me the same question: what are you going to do with your life afterwards? Honestly, it's kind of annoying cause I don't really know yet. I'm just trusting that I'll find my path soon enough x


  4. I don't have a plan either and to be honest it's really been getting me down! My husband is heading off to uni to work for the job of his dreams whereas I can't decided what I want to do with my life at all. It's okay though, we'll get through it in the end and our 'plan' will come together x

    Always, Alice

  5. As a senior in high school, not knowing what you want to do when you graduate is terrifying. I feel like everyone around me knows what career they want to pursue and what major they want to study, but me? I'm so confused. But I know that I'll figure it out eventually. Not everyone is going to have a step by step plan for their life and that's okay. We just need to take one step at a time. Everything's gonna happen when it's suppose to happen :)

    Kathlyn | Kathlyn's Korner

  6. I have no idea what I'm doing with my life. I always have a life plan but it keeps on changing.


  7. I hear so much about a five year plan, and admittedly I do think I should eventually make one. But as of now, I'm in the same position as you! I've definitely caught the travel bug and am travelling the world as much as I can, but I can completely relate to how you feel about being settled at home and loving where you grew up! I think that's completely fine.

    Thank you for sharing such a wonderfully written and inspirational post!

    My Lovelier Days

  8. I think it's definitely okay not to have a plan Soph! Take each day as it comes and life will work itself out - it has to! Xx

  9. It is 100% okay to not have a plan! Heck, I HAD a plan and it got turned upside down when I got pregnant! Haha. They say that 'you make plans and God laughs'. I don't necessarily believe in God, but I believe in the statement. I don't think there's anything wrong with not having a plan. Sometimes it's the best 'plan' to have :) Sometimes things just fall into place and you discover a plan that you never would have otherwise uncovered :)

  10. I'm nearly 24 and I still don't have a plan but like you said sometimes the best things can happen to you when they aren't planned. Some people have a plan, some don't and either way is totally fine!

    Ella xx

  11. I Absolutely agree with you. All my friends have their "shit" together haha.. and I am sitting here and trying to figure out how my path will look like.. but I think that's normal and makes life a little bit more fun! Imagine you would have your WHOLE life planned? Every step, everything planned.. no not my cup of tea!

    xx Lisa

  12. I am the sort of person that has a rough plan in terms of my career. But that's it. I think it's because I really love my job and have big ambitions in that respect. Everything else, nah no plan. Even then my plans are so broad and subject to change cos you never know what's going to happen!


  13. I feel if I try to plan things, they never pan out how I expect, so then end up feeling disappointed. Now, I try to take things as they come, as then it also gives me less time to panic about them!!

    Meg | Elmpetra

  14. I have a rough idea of what I want to do career wise, but at the moment I can't even seem to get a tiny little foot on the ladder! The unknown is a scary thing, but I'm just trying to enjoy the *present* more than thinking about the future or dwelling on the past! xxx

  15. I am one that always has to have a plan or i wouldn't manage to get out of bed every day!! But i see why others wouldn't or don't need too x