The thing about beating a spell of anxiety that sometimes you just need your friends.

SO. It was the Boohoo bloggers christmas party on Thursday night, held at the beaut W Hotel in Leicester Square. The second the Save The Date dropped into my inbox, I was so excited. It brightened up my Thursday afternoon, and gave me something super exciting to look forward to. I'd already spotted a few of my favourite bloggers on Twitter saying they were heading down, and it was a chance to go and find something sparkly to wear for my first festive event of the season!

Or so I thought. That was until we got to last Monday when, in the anxious part of my brain, it seemed to be all systems go. 

Wait, but what if you get there and you actually don't know anyone?
What if you end up just standing in a corner all on your own with no one to talk to and feeling super awkward?
Oh god, it's going to be a room packed full of people. The last time you were in this environment you needed to get out.
What if you can't get out into the fresh air quickly cause there's too many people?
What if you can't find anyone to go outside with you?

Basically, I was panicking about the possibility of panicking. How bloomin' silly does that sound?

Right up until 2pm on the day of the event, I wasn't sure whether I was going to make it or not. But, I did. I went. I hopped on an earlier train last minute and I made it, and I had a fabulous night and I'm actually pretty damn proud of myself. 

The only reason I made it though? Because I have the best friends ever. Friends that understand and know exactly what to say. Friends that don't judge you for freaking out about the silliest of things. Friends that will go an extra tube stop with you because they know you hate the tube. Friends that send you motivational messages of support that say 'I know you've got this.' Friends that never stop checking up on you, and friends that offer to go way out of their way to be with you if you need them.

So, this is a special thank you to the girls that I'll be forever grateful for meeting, and to the girls that made Thursday night a really great, fun and anxious free night for me. And of course, a special shout out to Kay (Very Berry Cosmo) for looking after me. You're all the best.



  1. So happy you were able to make it, it was so lovely to meet you in person Sophie! Reading this reassures me that I'm not alone with anxiety and well done for kicking it straight in the butt! Also you looked absolutely amazing, you mega babe you <3

    Andini xx | Adventures of an Anglophile 

  2. I love your outlook on everything.. you are amazing Sophie :)

    I just published my gift guide.. maybe you'd like to check it out.. would mean the world to me..

    xx Lisa

  3. Love you soph! Soooo glad that you came in the end, I love spending time with you and having our little catch ups haha! xxx

  4. Reading this makes me feel so much better cause it just shows that I am not alone when it comes to anxiety. I am so happy that you managed to make it and meet new people and spend time with your friends :) xx

    Yasmina | The July Journal

  5. I'm so so so happy you came in the end soph! And even more happy that you had a good time :) :) VERY proud, and love you lots - looking forward to seeing you again Saturday! xxxx

  6. I hate those underlying anxious thoughts that drown the rest of your brain, i'm glad you were able to make it though x