My week in square photo's & 140 characters. Ep. 5

I can't believe I'm sitting down to write another weekly roundup post again already. Like, bloomin' heck can we just slow down a little?

Pretty please. I really don't like how quick the weeks are going at the minute. I think it's because everything is a little hectic, with a rolling to-do list that never seems to end, a constant battle with keeping my emails under control, and lets not even forget that Christmas prep has now officially begun, too.

One of the things I do like to keep free though, are my evenings. My evenings are my officially designated 'me time'. The few hours of my day where I can do things for me. And it's been really lovely the past few weeks in using my evenings to get to know my new flatmate, too. We've been out for walks, grabbed coffee and taken a tour of the Liverpool Christmas lights...

Then, after a day of working from my bed and in my pyjama's on Tuesday, I decided that it was probably time I invested in an actual desk, now that I've created the space for it in my room and everything. However, there's just one problem with this idea..

Maybe I'll just keep working from my bed, huh...? I have gotten to like taking outfit photo's in my mirror!

Speaking of my bed, sometimes it's just REALLY hard to leave it in a morning. My bed is so, so comfy, and now the morning's are so dark and cold and wet, it just makes getting up early nearly impossible.

Then, on Wednesday, my colleague was writing a piece of content on the Oxford Dictionary Word of the Year, and the words that had made the shortlist. It made me so happy to see this (even if I did have to explain it's meaning to her!);

Also, did I mention that my blog turned 2 last week? ;)

Can we also just take a second to talk about the weather this week? We've had snow, like actual snow! I drove out of the car park one morning this week to see the ground covered in the stuff (I was since informed it was just a hell of  a lot of hail, but I don't care, I'm pretending it was snow!).

Which was great and everything, but made this even more of a problem...
As always, part of my week this week involved shopping. H&M did have a little bit of a surprise in store for me though when I went to try this jumper on.

And also unsurprisingly, my shopping trip did involve pretty new underwear. I discovered the Forever 21 range, and at just £9 for some of their most beautiful and feminine pieces (like this one), I'm literally in love. Totally.

How was your week?



  1. I love the entire concept of this blog post, it's something so unique! Plus, your pictures are just so aesthetic frankly, you are slowly becoming the inspiration for my blog too! Looking forward to your future posts, eagerly!

  2. Gorgeous pictures! Love the Christmas scenery. Sophie x

  3. Your entire instagram feed is to die for!

    Parie x
    Class and Glitter

  4. Need to check out the Forever 21 underwear section stat! You take lovely photos, so excited to see London looking all festive! Great post x

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

  5. Oooh I didn't know Forever 21 did underwear I am definitely gonna pop into one when I am back in the UK. Congrats on your blog turning 2! Xo

  6. Aah I love these posts so much :) The Liverpool Christmas Lights look beautiful, especially the reindeer! I actually think getting a desk is a great idea - I mean just think of all the cute ways you could then decorate and organise your work space?! Idk maybe that's just me haha but I love doing that x


  7. Absoloutely loving these posts of yours Sophie - I can't believe how quick the weeks are flying past either, I wish it'd all just slow down! I totally feel you with the whole snoozing alarm thing, I do the exact same because my bed's just too comfy!

    Lucy | Forever September

  8. I love these kind of posts the most! Keep them going Sophie :)

    xx Lisa

  9. I love these posts, and your pictures are so gorgeous! <3


  10. I love that adulting is now in the dictionary! Your content is always on point!