Gift Guide: The Body Shop

Skin care with The Body Shop.

I remember the first time I ever ventured into The Body Shop. I was in about year 8, and I'd gone shopping with a friend, and she wanted to pop in to get one of the latest lip balms. I remember walking in, being overwhelmed with all of the amazing smells coming from each of the ranges, and then being a little confused because 12 year old me didn't even know what a skin-care regime was.

To be honest, even now, there's a lot of products out there that I'm not quite sure how to use, or what they're supposed to do. But The Body Shop have been one of my favourites ever since this first visit 10 years ago. So when the lovely Lara asked if I'd like to be sent a little gift package of their latest releases, of course I said yes!

Here's a little run down of my favourites.

British Rose Fresh Plumping Mask | I'm going to be honest again here, I've never been a face-mask-kinda-gal. BUT, that was only because the first one I tried was one of those black ones that was the most painful thing to get off my face. Kinda put me off a little. This British Rose Fresh Plumping mask couldn't be more different though. It's a gel, to start with, and as soon as I applied it, I could feel my skin starting to feel more awake and fresh. This mask is definitely for skin that needs a little more moisture and a gentle refresh. The gel feels soothing, and is super easy to wipe off with a hot cloth. 

British Rose Hand Cream | Who doesn't love hand cream? I think my collection is bordering on obsessive, but there's something about applying hand cream that soothes the whole of me. The British Rose Hand Cream is definitely no different. The rose scent is divine, and also lasts and stays floating around for a while. The cream itself is easily absorbed as well and doesn't leave your hands feeling all greasy. 

Vitamin E Hydrating Face Mist | I've only recently been introduced to face mists, after my flat mate let me try her Liz Earle one. But omg, how amazing are they!? This Vitamin E Hydrating Face Mist fits the bill in terms of leaving you feeling refreshed and your skin a little more hydrated after use. I, personally, use it after my moisturiser if I'm venturing out make-up free, or after I've applied my make-up to almost help set my make up, too.  Also, the little burst of freshness it gives you, I can only imagine would be perfect on a hot day to cool your skin down!

Instaglow CC Cream SPF | If you're looking for a fabulous little pre-foundation primer, this is your thing. The Instaglow CC Cream gives a good coverage, and most definitely reduces the look of, and disguises those pesky little blemishes. It definitely has a slight moisture to it as well, and reduces shine to provide a great base for your foundation. I've been using this for the last few days and I genuinely love it. I've never settled on a primer before, but this might be the first that I use again!

Skin Defence Multi-Protection Essence (SPF 50) | And finally, the Skin Defence Multi Protection cream. Now, I wasn't entirely sure what this was supposed to do when I first opened this, but after a little google, it's basically almost like a second primer, that's there to protect your skin against everything that's out to make your skin unhealthy. Think UV rays and environmental pollution. I'm not sure if this is something that I'll add to my daily routine, as a lot of my make up has SPF protection in it anyway, but it is very light to wear, and I noticed it did brighten my skin a little! 


P.S Would you like to see more beauty/skin care on my blog? I've never really included this before, but I really enjoyed writing this post...but I'm not sure whether to do more. What do you think?

Disclaimer; items in this post were sent to me as PR samples for review.
However, all opinions, words & imagery are my own. Full disclaimer here.


  1. I love this post! The facemask sounds wonderful! May have to look into that!

  2. I0d love to try those products! They seem pretty cool xxx

  3. Body Shop Vitamin E range has been a staple in my routine for a while. Currently, i use the sleep moisturizing mask and its so revitalizing x