I have this thing with...

...colourful houses.

If there was one thing that I wanted to get a photo of/with/trying to look cool in front of, while I was down in Brighton, it was one of the pretty streets lined with all of the colourful houses. 

If you haven't already, go and make yourself familiar with Louise, her blog & her Instagram. I knew that she was a Brighton blogger and her photo's were one of the many, many reasons I wanted to visit Brighton so badly, and so obviously I took the chance & cheekily snook into her Insta DM's to ask her where to find all of the good photo spots!

Kemp Street was just one of the places that she recommended, and boy, it didn't let us down! It was so, so pretty, and exactly how I'd imagined these cute, Brighton streets to be.

Like, seriously, I think one of the hardest decisions of our weekend was me trying to decide which house I liked the most to go stand in front of. A blogger problem if there ever was one! I'd also changed my outfit by this point too, because lets be honest, the red & black checked shirt I had on before this would've totally clashed with the pink door. Totally.

There's just something about these streets that I really love. Like, they're rows of blocks of coloured houses, that shouldn't really fit together. It shouldn't really work. But they do, and they look lovely. Each house is totally different and has something completely unique about it, and then put them all together and they create something that's even more beautiful.

I think I may just make it one of my new life goals to own one of these. Maybe a dusty pink one. Or this beaut mint green one below. If I ever moved here, I'd buy myself a pretty bike to match I think, too. One of those with a cute little basket on the front, obviously..

Can you tell I've fallen for Brighton, a little?



  1. What an absolutely beautiful little street! That's definitely something the South has over the North, there's a definite lack of colourful houses up here.

    Catherine | Hey, Mama

  2. I would love to go to Brighton one day! x


  3. The houses are so pretty - I'm definitely going to visit when I take my next trip down to Brighton!

    Lucy | Forever September

  4. Brighton is so cute! I visited it for a day trip in the Summer and I fell in love a little! Love your photos x


  5. Great post idea, so original and i love the photos. I couldn't imagine living in a colourful house, i reckon everyone would be outside taking pictures! x


  6. The town I grew up in was full of beautiful coloured houses, wish I had appreciated it at at the time. This post made me so nostalgic, loved it.

    Cat | Lady Law Student

  7. That's the thing I love about Brighton...how colourful it is!

    Meg | Elmpetra