How do you know when you've got your life together?

At what point do you realise that you've got your life together?

During our mini trip to Brighton last weekend, we stayed in the most beautiful AirBnB you've ever seen. This flat was just perfect; the furniture, the decor, the light, the accessories... everything about it just fit together wonderfully.

It was the kind of flat that I would absolutely love to live in permanently, and finished in the way that I can only hope my own home will look like at some point.  The longer we stayed, the more we fell in love with the place, and the more we realised just how much attention to detail had gone into creating this lovely lady's home. 

I think it was after discovering that the hangers the bath robes were hung on behind the bedroom door were embroidered, that Em just came out with,

'This woman really has her sh*t together, doesn't she?'

Yes, yes she does.

I mean, not only had she thought of everything that we might've needed and needed to know when letting out her own beautiful flat, she is clearly well traveled, has an eye for aesthetics, has decorated & sourced her own furniture, has (what sounds like) a good job, and she even has a house keeper. Like an actual house keeper.

How do I get one of those? And how do I get to this level of having my life together, please? And do you even know that you've got to this point? Or do we always feel like our lives are a bit of a mess compared to other peoples?

Life is one big learning curve, isn't it? And I guess it'll always come back that age old nasty trick of comparison. Like, compared to this lady, in my opinion, I definitely don't have everything together. But then maybe someone else thinks that about me? Who knows?

Maybe none of us will ever feel like we've got everything together, maybe those people that really look like they do, are just a lot better at keeping up appearances, and really, they feel the same way as the rest of us. That's what I'm secretly hoping for, I think!



  1. Great post�� It is so true because we beat up on ourselves wondering why we aren't at this point, or that point but in actuality we just gotta take it one day at a time! Life is one big learning curve as you said, we learn new things everyday about ourselves! Now we just got to apply it to our lives. Change only comes when we take that first step!

  2. Love this post. I can totally relate to it too, sometimes I feel like I'm doing too much but more often than not I feel like I'm not doing enough to get my shit together!

    Abigail Alice x

  3. I bet she has a cupboard full of secrets and dirt somewhere!

    Lisa | Not Quite Enough

  4. Wow those rooms are absolutely gorgeous, she really does have some form of shit together! Too true, maybe we never will feel like we have everything together but if I have a house like that when I'm older, I'll definitely feel like I have!


  5. I take comfort in the fact that even the most composed and put-together person may actually facing their own demons (small or big) and no one really has it all. Because what is life if you have everything! Part of getting to where you are consists of how you get there so here's to hoping the road to get there isn't too horrible haha!

    Cherie | sinonym

  6. I agree! I (like to) think that everyone's learning all the time and never really thinks ' I've got my life together' but to us folk (who most definitely don't have their life together - aka poor student with no idea or future prospects other than to travel the world and can't quite think/plan past that - these people seem like the ideal 'adult' who has everything sorted!

    JosieVictoriaa // Travel, Fashion & Lifestyle

  7. I'd love to have that realisation of having my shit together, I can't wait to have a house and style it how I want and know that I can look at it and be like I worked hard, I did this and now I can enjoy it!

  8. Beautiful pics Rosie and so very true! I guess we all compare ourselves to others whether we realise it or not. I don't know whether you ever really feel like you've got it together! Hehe!

    Peta xx