Alone with your thoughts.

Sometimes, you just need to be alone. You need to lock yourself away from the world, from social media, from everyone you know, and just be with your thoughts.

I love leading a busy lifestyle, because it gives me less time to think. Less time to dwell on the past, on bad things, and on stuff that makes me feel a little sad. But, sometimes I find my mind starting to wander. I find thoughts popping into my head, and I just know that the best thing for me to do is just have a little space.

I need to curl up in bed, with a cup of tea in hand, and my favourite blogs or a good book. But I also need to let my mind wander, sometimes. Kinda like when you're confiding in someone and it feels good to get something off your chest, I feel like I need to let myself just think about things I normally wouldn't, every once in a while, as a kind of release. A release that I know will somehow, in a funny, round about way, make me feel a little better afterwards.

I've said over and over, that I like my little blog to be a positive space on the internet, and I've had so many lovely comments from you guys saying how it makes you happy, seeing me happy so much, recently. And I can't even explain how much of a smile this puts on my face. I mean, every comment puts a smile on my face, but these make me smile even more.

But, this is also me saying that it's totally okay to not be okay, and not have your positive pants on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I read this post by Martha last week, and I absolutely loved the message behind it, so I'd go have a read.

I feel so happy in myself, recently, as you can probably tell with my posts of late, but that doesn't mean that I don't also have my struggles. I still have my anxious days, albeit less of them now, and I'm a lot better at managing them, but they're still there. And sometimes I just need to be alone with my thoughts, to have my space and feel sad. Because we're all allowed to feel sad every once in a while. And if we didn't, I don't think we'd appreciate our good days as much as we do.



  1. Love this - I can completely relate. I, too, like to keep myself busy to avoid over-thinking or ruminating on anything negative, but you do need a little 'me time' every so often!

    she dreams

  2. Loved this! Your a great writer :)

  3. I completely GET this! I really need my alone time to check in with how I am feeling. If I don't have time on my own I then find it really hard to be present when I am with others, because too much will be flying around my head. Whether that's a list of chores that need doing that haven't been done because I'm out all the time, or a confusion over how I'm feeling, it can be really distracting when you are trying to enjoy time with loved ones!

    Tonight and last night I've had so much quiet time and it has been bliss! I've caught up with blogging and really journaled in a way I haven't done in MONTHS! Enjoy your quiet time, Stephie xx

  4. I have exactly the same coping mechanism, i keep myself so busy so my mind doesn't have time to wander off, so when i do stop i freak out a bit. I also have a habit of running myself into the ground too x

  5. Loved this post. I often find myself keeping extra busy to escape my thoughts, I've only recently learnt to deal with them! xx

  6. I really get this too! Every now and then I will just feel really sad and I find that going to bed that night listening to music and having a good cry kind of helps me reset my mind. Couldn't agree with you more and I loe the way you wrote this!
    Rebecca | Notes From September

  7. This is so true! I'm super busy all of the time, but during my 10 mins walk to work I allow my mind to wander because otherwise I'd find myself lying awake at 2am with what seems like all of life's problems cropping up in my mind. I find that it's so important to just take a day of the week to relax, watch films, and give yourself some "me time" because life can be so exhausting!

    Lizzie Bee //

  8. This is really lovely Soph, it is so important to have a little time to yourself just to think sometimes. It is so underrated! I am rarely by myself so it can be really nice just to have even an hour to zone out and mull over things, this usually is my time on my daily commute. I will definitely head over and give Martha's post a read! Immy x

  9. i understand you sophie. i like to be always busy too in order not to think of time alone but when it comes, I need all my strength to say 'it's good anyway, don't pressure yourself too much'. being sad is part of valuing our good times and memories. a big hug from italy
    Cate ღ kate/

  10. I love how well-written your posts are .. I always look forward to reading them! xx
    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

  11. I feel like I'm in a similar position to you at the moment - having far less anxious days, keeping as busy as possible and feeling a lot better in myself as a whole! I totally agree that taking time to listen to your worries is incredibly important too. Often taking the time to actually listen to them properly lets you be more thoughtful about whether they're worth worrying about and, if they are, how to approach them! Such a lovely read - thank you :-)