Every day is a fresh start.

Every day is a fresh start.

Fresh starts are often associated with January 1st, the start of a new season, a new month, a new job, that kind of thing. But, I often forget that actually, each morning can mark the start of something new. If you want it to.

I'm sure we've all had those days, and those weeks, where nothing seems to go your way. You flop onto your bed at the end of the day feeling totally defeated, not really knowing where to go from here, or how you can possibly make things better.

And a lot of the time we carry these thoughts into the next day, dreading what's to come with no real motivation to change things. However...

Every day is a fresh start. It's a chance to learn, move forward and reinvent yourself. It's never too late to change the things in your life that aren't really working out, and to switch things up a bit instead of doing the same old, same old, and hoping for the best.

Each morning gives you a complete blank canvas. It gives you the chance to make each day into whatever you want. Wake up in a negative mindset, and your picture is going to be pretty bleak. Wake up positively, and who knows what you might just create.


I'm so, so guilty of trying to hold on to situations, things & relationships with people because to me, they signify a type of comfort that I don't really want to let go of. But by doing this, I'm most of the time making myself stuck.

If you've read my blog for a little while, you might know that I'm a big believer in fate, and I'm really trying to put my trust in life a little more. To let things just unfold, and trust that whatever happens is for the best.

I'm a little huge over thinker most of the time, but some of the best decisions I've made in the past year or so, have been those when I've woken up in the morning, and decided that something needs to change, and just done it. I've realised that there are things that I've wanted, that I haven't tried to chase yet.

They say that you should never be afraid to dream big, but in order to make those dreams happen, you have to stay flexible. You have to keep an open mind, and embracing new things is how we let go of anything that might be holding us back.



Old friends, new friends & Oreo cupcakes.

Old friends, new friends & Oreo cupcakes.

This weekend turned out to be pretty alright, didn't it?

The weekend started off with my typical Saturday morning routine; a bit of lazing around, breakfast in bed & catching up on my favourite blogs, before heading off to the gym for my weekly PT session, which I've grown to really enjoy and look forward to. Albeit this one was a little more eventful than the rest, but we'll forget about that for now!

Then, it was back to blogging business, plonking myself in the corner of my favourite coffee shop, and trying to come up with new ideas for this little space, before settling down on the sofa with a cup of tea and X Factor... obviously.

And then I spent 2 1/2 hours giggling and laughing until my cheeks hurt, chatting to someone who I haven't known for very long, but never fails to cheer me up. It was a great distraction, and a reminder that there are some properly lovely people out there, and that things will definitely always get better, no matter how crap they may seem, at times.

I spent my Sunday wandering around the beautiful city of Chester, with one of my best friends that I've known since school. We haven't seen each other since the beginning of the year, so needless to say we had a LOT to catch up on!

Kat spotted this amazing Alice in Wonderland themed cafe called Mad Hatters, so of course we headed straight to it for coffee & some lunch. They had this super cute bunting on the walls, Alice in Wonderland illustrations dotted around, and even the menu's were playing card themed. Oh, and they had THE most delicious cupcakes. I opted for an Oreo one, and soz but I think I ate it before I could Instagram it. Whoops. #badblogger

Last weekend made me really happy. It made me smile, and it reminded me what wonderful people I have around me, and people who I know I can always just pick up the phone to, if I need to.

But, reminiscing on our days at school with Kat, also reminded me how much we all grow, and change as people. I think if either of us where to have been told back in high school we'd be where we are now, I'm not sure we'd have quite believed our future selves. And that made me smile, too.

Despite the fact that we both now have completely different careers, and we live in different cities, it's always so, so lovely to be able to just pick up where we left off.

Sometimes I miss the simpler times of having sleepovers, cross referencing your homework answers with your best friend before class, and worrying about whether the outfit you'd planned for non-uniform day was cool enough or not.

But then, I guess life's a lot more fun and exciting now, right? :)


What I choose to do, is none of your business.

What I choose to do, is none of your business.

What I do, is none your business, in the nicest way possible, of course.

Putting your life online is great. It's a lot of fun, and I'm no where near bored with it just yet. But, along with this comes people's judgements. Judgements of you, of your social media, of your blog, and of your life, and it's totally expected.

We're all completely different people, whether we're part of the blogging world or not. We all have different opinions, different boundaries and different thoughts on the same topics. 

In my head, this is my blog, so I'm going to write about want. I'm going to take photographs of whatever the hell I want, and I'm going to put myself out there as much as I like.

If you've been following my little blog for a while, you might have read the few posts where I've talked a lot about body confidence, and my journey in overcoming my struggles with this. You also may have noticed that I have a few posts where, like this one, I've collaborated with lingerie brands so yeah, this is me in my pants. So what. I'm pretty sure you've all seen a girl in her underwear before.


Black Lingerie - c/o Freya Lingerie, Freya Fancies collection.                                                                  

I'm happy to put these photo's and these posts out there because, well... I'm a sucker for pretty underwear, I'm happy with how I look, and I know that I'm always inspired when I see ladies who really don't care what other people think. So this is me trying to do that, too.

I had a 'friend' tell me the other day that she didn't agree with these kind of posts. Blog posts & Instagram's where I'm 'revealing too much of myself', apparently. My reaction to this was a polite smile and a nod, and a swift change of conversation because I knew that she would never really 'get it'.

When I first started blogging, I think this kind of comment would have really got to me, and I'd have been thinking about it forever, worrying if that's what everyone thinks as well. But, thankfully, now I realise that the opinions of others really don't matter, as long as you're happy.

Do whatever you like (y'know... as long as it's not illegal or anything), because there's always going to be people that don't like it. People are always going to judge you, as they say, but I think it's up to you whether you take any notice of them or not.

I'm proud of where I've got to over the last 2 years, and I'm not going to let someone else's opinions stop me from doing what I want... are you?


Alone with your thoughts.

Alone with your thoughts.

Sometimes, you just need to be alone. You need to lock yourself away from the world, from social media, from everyone you know, and just be with your thoughts.

I love leading a busy lifestyle, because it gives me less time to think. Less time to dwell on the past, on bad things, and on stuff that makes me feel a little sad. But, sometimes I find my mind starting to wander. I find thoughts popping into my head, and I just know that the best thing for me to do is just have a little space.

I need to curl up in bed, with a cup of tea in hand, and my favourite blogs or a good book. But I also need to let my mind wander, sometimes. Kinda like when you're confiding in someone and it feels good to get something off your chest, I feel like I need to let myself just think about things I normally wouldn't, every once in a while, as a kind of release. A release that I know will somehow, in a funny, round about way, make me feel a little better afterwards.

I've said over and over, that I like my little blog to be a positive space on the internet, and I've had so many lovely comments from you guys saying how it makes you happy, seeing me happy so much, recently. And I can't even explain how much of a smile this puts on my face. I mean, every comment puts a smile on my face, but these make me smile even more.

But, this is also me saying that it's totally okay to not be okay, and not have your positive pants on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I read this post by Martha last week, and I absolutely loved the message behind it, so I'd go have a read.

I feel so happy in myself, recently, as you can probably tell with my posts of late, but that doesn't mean that I don't also have my struggles. I still have my anxious days, albeit less of them now, and I'm a lot better at managing them, but they're still there. And sometimes I just need to be alone with my thoughts, to have my space and feel sad. Because we're all allowed to feel sad every once in a while. And if we didn't, I don't think we'd appreciate our good days as much as we do.


'Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.'

'Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.'

'Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.' - Coco Chanel
I'm sure you've all noticed, but I do love a good quote, and this one is definitely one of my favourites.

I was reminded a few days ago of just how far I've come in the last few years. It reminded me how much I used to switch 'me' up depending on who I was with, because I was convinced that different people would only accept a certain type of person, and I was convinced that I'd never be that type.

I guess I didn't really know who I was, as cliche as that sounds. I didn't realise that you shouldn't need to pretend to be someone that you're not all the time, just for people to accept you.

I didn't have any faith in myself, and I didn't really know what I wanted. I didn't really have many aspirations, and I certainly didn't have anyone that really inspired me.

Now, however, all that has completely changed. Maybe it's because I'm surrounding myself with the right people. Maybe it's because I've found something that I'm so passionate about, and that I'm passionate about making success of. Maybe it's because I do now have so many ladies that inspire me, and make me determined to emulate their successes.

What I'm wearing.
Dress - Forever 21. Shoes - New Look. Watch - Daniel Wellington. Bracelet - Thomas Sabo.

Life's too short to not be having fun, and it's hard to have fun when you're trying to keep up appearances, please everyone around you, and tip toe around your acquaintances.

I vividly remember the point at which something just 'clicked' in my head, and I realised that I just wanted to be myself from now on. I wanted to show the world what I really had to offer, and I wanted to stop hiding certain parts of me from everyone else.

The day after this, I walked into work in a new suit, with new hair, and I wore red lipstick to the office for the first time, and it felt really bloomin' great. I remember someone commenting that I seemed 'different', and that really made me smile.

And now, 2 years on, I care less about what other people think of me, I'm not scared to say daft things, and you'll catch me giggling more often than you'll catch me not. And it's a fabulous way to be.

Some of you may not know, but I used to dance a lot, and for a few years I danced competitively. Before we went into any competition or show, I'd tell myself to just 'dance like no one's watching', as they say. Dance like you do in your bedroom when your favourite song comes on, let go of all of your worries, and just enjoy yourself.

Being truly yourself is scary, but do you know what? It's worth it. Because people will appreciate you, they'll let you in, and they'll love you and all of your little quirks. And if they don't? Then they're really not worth your time and you should really waste no time in letting them go.

I can't even explain how much my life has turned out for the better since I started believing in this, and believing in myself, and so I'm just going to leave you with another one of my favourite quotes..

'Let your smile change the world, but don't let the world change your smile.' 


Hello Autumn.

Hello Autumn.