How to make your day run smoother.

I don't know about you guys, but most days I don't have a clue whether I'm coming or going. In between work, blogging & trying to keep up some kind of health & fitness regime, my to-do list can mount up pretty quickly, so making sure that my day kinda goes a little bit to plan, is really quite important if I'm going to get anything done. And who doesn't love a productive day?

So, here's a few little tips & tricks I've learned that can really help make your day run that little bit smoother.

1. Reduce the rush.

Rushing around in the morning isn't the best way to start your day, so thinking about the little things, like what you're going to have for breakfast and what outfit you're going to wear, the night before can really help, and still mean you can have those oh so important extra few minutes snuggled up in your duvet.

2. Plan your meals.

Okay, so this one is in part due to my new found health & fitness routine courtesy of my PT, but planning your meals not only means that you're making sure you're getting all the right stuff inside you, it also means that you're super organised, and meal times take a lot less time! It also reduces the risk of you getting home from work, having thought about exactly what you want for dinner all day, to get home & realise you don't have any of the ingredients. I've done this way too many times, and then had to rush out to Tesco in the cold!

3. Schedule in your exercise.

For me, exercise isn't just something to keep me fit, it lessens my anxiety tenfold. Which is why I try and do my absolute best to do some form exercise most days. The flexibility of my job means half of my week is spent in the office, with the other half spent working from home. Either way I have pretty much set times that I can get myself to my gym, it becomes part of my day, almost like any other diary note in my working day, so I know I'll always have time for it, and I'll never have to rush anything else to squeeze it in!

4. De-clutter. 

Whether it's my inbox, my desk, or the flat, spending 10 minutes a day tidying or decluttering something can really help me and my productivity. It's almost like the physical act of decluttering a space, declutters my mind at the same time, meaning my thought processes are a lot clearer, and I can get more done!

5. Don't forget to breathe.

It happens. Things get stressful, and sometimes there's not much you can do apart from just take a few seconds to breathe. Stop everything, take back control of your breathing and refocus. This little trick can be what stops everything from getting on top of you, and it's the one that I probably do the most often. It helps, trust me.

What are your tips for getting through the day?



  1. Great post! I'm a big fan of planning your meals beforehand it really just makes life so much easier!

    Martha | Martha Dahhling

  2. I also schedule my exercise. If I really don't have time to do a workout or if I just don't feel like going for a run on some days, I'll go for a 30 min walk. It does wonders for my sanity and wellbeing! Clem x

  3. Im so bad at meal planning but it would definitely help me in the long run, im so busy at the moment, maybe something i need to jump on!

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  4. Planning is definitely to key to a smoother day, whether it is just preparing mentally what you need to do or having everything ready to go, every little helps!

    Emma |