Getting my mojo back.

I'm going through one of those phases where everything seems to be happening at once. Blogging work is getting busier (although you'll be forgiven for thinking otherwise considering I didn't blog at all last week... #bloggersblock.), 'work work' is getting busier, my social calendar actually has a few appointments in it for the foreseeable, which is rather a rare occurrence for someone who loves lazy evening's and weekends, and I've decided to really up my fitness game too, spending more time than ever at the gym.

All of this is really great, and I'll always be forever thankful for the opportunities I get through writing my thoughts on the internet, having a fabulous job, and the motivation to look after, and push myself. But, that's just it. Sometimes I think that we all have a tendency to push ourselves that little bit too hard, we push ourselves into a little bit of a slump, and we forget that we sometimes just need a break.

Which, is exactly why, for the first time ever, I haven't felt guilty or beaten myself up over not writing anything last week. You take holidays for your normal job, right? So sometimes you just need a break from blogging, to recharge all those creative batteries back to the top.

I also gave myself a little break on the healthy eating front, and you might've noticed I tweeted a lot about cake last week. Seriously though, who doesn't love cake?! I haven't let myself feel guilty or beaten myself up over this like I normally would either, because a girl needs to treat herself every once in a while, and quite honestly, it was great.

So yes, this week I've caught up with friends, consumed a lot of chocolate, laughed and chatted my way through copious amounts of coffee, had the time to read more fabulous blogs, and used the rest of my spare time watching Gossip Girl. And I've enjoyed it so much, I'm really considering doing it again, soon.

Working hard and looking after your physical health is important, but so is looking after your mental health. So if that means taking a break from your normal routines, then take a break from your normal routines and spend some well needed time for you.

Forget about the stresses of deadlines and work pressures, spend time with your friends, go outside, enjoy the sunshine and be carefree. It can make the world of difference to your mood, and also your productivity once you return to normal!

And then once you do return to normal, bring all of those positive vibes with you. Like what I'm doing right now, I've replied to all of my blog emails, taken and edited photo's, and smashed out 2 blog posts within about 2 1/2 hours. Oh, and I've signed myself up to PT sessions which I'm super excited about. This hasn't happened in weeks, and it feels so good to have my mojo back.

What I'm wearing; Top - H&M (similar). Skirt - Miss Selfridge. Shoes - Converse. Watch - c/o Christian Paul. Bag - c/o Quiz.

Photo's taken by Holly

Have a fabulous week you lovely lot.



  1. You look lovely in these photos! It's ok to take a break from blogging sometimes to be able refresh your mind :)

    Sarah | What Sarah Writes

  2. It's soooo OK to have a break sometimes! The photos turned out lovely! Xxx

  3. You look so nice! And a great post :-)

  4. This is the cutest outfit Soph, I love pairing girly styles with trainers and you pull it off so well! I definitely agree about the importance of taking a break. I start college soon, and I know that keeping up with my blog alongside that and my job is going to be tough so I'm taking a couple of days to get lots of posts backed up so that I can take the time to get myself in to the swing of things if I need it x

    Charlotte / Colours & Carousels

  5. I'm definitely guilty of beating myself up whenever I feel like I'm not doing my best. Sometimes I just find it hard to forget about deadlines and work but you're right, taking breaks is so important :) x


  6. Its so important to take time out for yourself, especially if youre mentally exhausted, its important to make sure your mental and physical health is all good and, like you said, taking time for yourself will only help when you get back to things and boost your motivation no end! Loved this post x

    Fashion Dew // Bloglovin'

  7. Every thing you said is so true! I am such a perfectionist so I tend to forget to just give myself a break. I will definitely keep your words in mind as school starts tomorrow :) Love your style!

    Nikki O.|

  8. photos are great!! good job to holly and you (i have checked her as well!!) - it is fundamental to take the time we need to chill out even from such a big passion/work that is blogging<3

    xx from italy

    Cate ღ kate/ // Win a Marble/Custom Case GIVEAWAY here

  9. Adore this outfit, Soph! Glad you're feeling so on top of things at the moment :) x

    Martha Jane |

  10. Your outfit is super cute! Totally right on needing a break sometimes. It's good to push yourself but it's equally as good and really important to just switch it all off for a bit and just be. Great post hun!

    Martha | Martha Dahhling