Why I love Monday's & how you can have a great one.

Hopefully, it's Sunday when this goes live, which means, tomorrow is Monday! I bloomin' love a good Monday. Don't you? Monday's are for fresh starts. They're for filling yourself with all of the brand new motivation, inspiration and creativity for having a fabulous week. Monday is always the day that I try to get up the earliest, it's the day I always feel the most energised, positive, and excited for all the things I've got planned for the week ahead.

I've realised that you really do need to have a fabulous Monday, because it pretty much sets the tone for the rest of the week. So, you've gotta make sure you get your Monday right! Here's a few little things that I always try and do, to make sure my week gets off to the best of starts.

'A good nights sleep.'
First thing's first, and this starts the night before, but a good nights sleep can make a whole lotta difference. If you can wake up feeling refreshed and well rested, then you can guarantee you're gonna wake up ready to face whatever Monday throws at you!

'Wake up early.'
I think I've mentioned this a few times, but I love mornings. Getting up early makes me feel so much more productive, because I have so much more time on my hands. I'm up at 5, in the gym by 5.10, out of the gym, showered, dressed, make-up on and in my car by 7am, which means I can be sat at my desk, having breakfast and catching up on blogs by  8, all before my working day starts at 9am!

'Have a good breakfast.'

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, as they say. And I totally agree. When I'm at work, porridge is my breakfast of choice at the minute. It's quick and easy, but it's oh so good for you. I'll have this between 8am - 8.30am, and then if I've not had a banana straight after the gym, I'll have one about 10.30. I always find both of these keep my energy levels up, because who doesn't love a productive morning!
'Set yourself a plan.'

By the end of the day, what do you really want to have achieved? Make a list of all the things you need to do, prioritise, and maybe make a note of roughly how long each task is going to take. Be sure to leave yourself enough time for anything unexpected though, as well as some rest time and breaks! Trying to do too much can often slow down your productivity!

'Keep thinking positively.'

The second you wake up and think 'oh god, it's Monday, do we have to?', you've pretty much immediately resigned yourself to not having a great day. Thinking positively can make all the difference, particularly if things do keep going wrong! If this happens, just remember, it's just a bad day, or a bad few hours. Think about how you're going to make yourself feel better when you get home, or how there really could be worse things happening. Laugh it off, and carry on. See the positives in everything you do. 

'One small, positive thought in the morning can make your whole day.'


  1. As I'm getting older I start to appreciate Mondays more and more. They all definitely the start of new opportunities. I don't know why would anybody hate it. I know that the weekend is over but you can make Mondays as good as the weekend. xo

    Antonia || Sweet Passions

  2. Such a beaut post! It's definitely a mindset we all need to take!


  3. LOVED this! I really need to start making the most of Mondays.

    These images are beautiful too!

    Hannah | Oh January

  4. Whilst I can't say I overly enjoy Monday mornings, I do agree that getting up that bit early helps so much. Leaves me feeling so productive x


  5. I love this. I have been working on Mondays being better too. Having had a job that filled me with the Sunday fear now I like to think of Monday as a fresh start with fresh things to do and explore.

  6. Gorgeous pictures! Oh and you're so right - waking up early and having a decent breakfast makes such a difference x

    Lily Blogs Life

  7. Love this post! A good Monday really sets you up for a good week, I'm starting to appreciate this more x


  8. Jesus, you are so gorgeous!


  9. What a lovely post to read on a Monday morning! I definitely think going to bed early and waking up early is the best way, I love feeling nice and relaxed before my working day even starts! Happy Monday! Immy x


  10. This is such a lovely post. I've always liked Mondays - they're like a small-scale New Year's and provide a whole fresh start. I always feel great when I wake up early (although it's very rarely as early as you - wow!) but I sabotage myself by not going to sleep early enough the night before. Even though it's now Monday evening, thanks for giving me the motivation to get to bed early so I can have a great Tuesday!
    Lx | life, et cetera

  11. Lately, I been sleeping really late, but I can't do that anymore because I keep waking up later in the day which means less time to get things done. I hope I can get my sleeping schedule back together! Lovely post and stunning pics!

  12. Love this, made me love monday a whole lot more!

    Why Not Blog // www.whynotblog.co.uk

  13. I agree mondays do set the tone for the rest of the week
    Kookii || Beauty By Her♥